The first case of proliferation of fakes on the coronavirus sent to court

How to find out the correspondent “RG” the lady told that two foreign builders Svobodnenskaya gas processing plant discovered coronavirus.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG Lipchenko caught in the dissemination of fakes on the coronavirus

the Woman was a local celebrity. Lady engaged in business. And in his spare time playing in local Amateur theatre.

She uttered a sound message that have arrived on the plant construction a dangerous infection, and sent him to one of the groups of social networks. Artist long search was not necessary, immediately recognized her voice.Intelligence agencies quickly figured out where I went to the information, told “RG” the source in Free. In the Rospotrebnadzor administration in the region assured that the situation is stable. Confirmed cases of coronavirus not.

the Lady said the audio message that came a dangerous infection, and sent it to the group of social networks. The artist immediately recognized the voice. Intelligence agencies found the source of information

Roskomnadzor announced that he was ready to take drastic measures to media and Internet resources, who will spread lies about the disease, up to the blocking and revocation of the license.


Alexey Kupriyanov, the honourable lawyer of Russia:

the time has Come to activate for exactly a year “dormant” parts 9-11 of article 13.15 of the administrative code. Countless fakes-pugalki generate in society, the insecurity. And people panic, taking pouring on negative information at face value. And it is not harmless.

Ordinary citizens for spreading “knowingly false public interest information under the guise of reliable reports create a risk of harm…” pay a fine of from 30 to 100 thousand rubles with the confiscation of computers, routers, desks, chairs and other items used in the Commission of the offense. Theoretically, the case could be reached and the confiscation of their premises.

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti the Doctors announced the time of appearance of the vaccine for coronavirus

If a false report has caused real harm, or committed repeatedly, the penalty for a citizen increases to 300 thousand rubles with confiscation. And there is a duty of full reparation for the harm suffered. If harm is caused to human health or caused his death, then the penalty increases to 400 thousand rubles damages.

this is a significant limitation. Fines are imposed only when the actions of the distributor fakes not constitute any criminal offence. If any are detected, the offender will not get a fine, get a lifetime in the questionnaire mention of a criminal record and could be jailed.

All this applies not only to writers of fakes, but to those who knowingly transmits false information to others, spreading and replicating a lie, causing panic in harming others.

the Legal entity and their employees are responsible for the fakes is even greater – up to half a million rubles. The passage of the administrative processes on the spread of fake news is under the control of prosecutors.