The first branch of the Bolshoi theatre will open in Kaliningrad

of Course, the Moscow branches were at the theater for a long time: in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the theatre often gave performances on the stage of its neighbors: Small and current Youth theatre. In the 30s, 40s and 50s years of the twentieth century the branch of the Bolshoi theater were present operetta Theatre. And after opening in 1961, the Kremlin Palace and the “government platform” for many years has been an alternative Historical stage. Since 2002, near the Large functions and New scene. But the branch in another city opened for the first time.

Kaliningrad for the construction of the first branch of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia not by chance is the European Outpost of Russia located on the territory of continental Europe, and is close to Scandinavia. Here set out to create its own cultural environment that will enrich the life of the city and the entire Kaliningrad region, as well as attract new tourist flows.

“the Bolshoi theatre and all the professionals who work in it, I will try to do everything to ensure that the branch of the Bolshoi theatre in Kaliningrad became a true theatrical center of Russia”, — said Vladimir urin.

the branch of the Bolshoi theatre is planned to be self-sufficient both in production and in the creative plan. The project assumes that there will be two halls for 950 and 300 seats, and it also involves not just the construction of the theater building, but the construction of housing for those who work in it. Also on site will be organized workshops. The project the cultural cluster developed for Kaliningrad, in addition to the branch of the Bolshoi theatre, includes a ballet school and special school for his students, the Conservatory, and a large Museum complex, which will be part of the Tretyakov gallery, the Hermitage and the Russian Museum.

Earlier, talking about the Big plans in Kaliningrad, the CEO said: “We do theatre, which is the first national musical theatre of Russia… the First time, probably, whatthe number of productions of the Bolshoi theatre will go to Kaliningrad. When will be finally formed the troupe, we will slowly make independent productions, but it is a very gradual process. And to approach the repertoire we’ll be just as at home in a Big theater.”

the Symbolic act of laying will be marked with a gala concert in the evening of 25 February 2020 will be held at the concert hall “amber hall” in Svetlogorsk. The first part of the concert will be Opera, and will be attended by such Great soloists Anna Aglatova, Agunda Kulaeva, Julia Mazurova, Anna Nechaeva, Andrew Potatory, Timothy Dubovitsky. In the second — will be celebrated ballet stars of the Bolshoi. Director of the Bolshoi makharbek Vaziev not only provided artists for the concert and formed the program, but arrive at the gala in person to observe the dances of their wards.

the program excerpts of the landmark ballets of the Bolshoi theatre. So the pas de Deux from the ballet “Swan lake”, written by Tchaikovsky specifically for the Bolshoi theatre in 1877, and the world premiere of the ballet masterpiece, will dance some of the best Prime Ministers Great new generation Olga Smirnova and Jacopo Tissi. Just yesterday, a pair of exemplary performed “the Swan” during a broadcast of the performance from the Bolshoi theater to cinemas around the world (but looked great on broadcast and other protagonists of the ballet: the Evil genius — Egor Gerashchenko, and also the clown — Alexey Putintsev), and tomorrow they will perform the pas de Deux from this performance of Yuri Grigorovich Kaliningrad.

the Duo from another masterpiece of Grigorovich’s “Spartacus” will be performed at the gala Anna Nikulina and Yegor Khromushin. Special surprise for the residents of Kaliningrad will be a scene “the balcony” from Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” with choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky, which is performed by Galina Ulanova and Yuri Zhdanov so captivated the British audience for the first tour of the Bolshoi in London in 1956. At the gala the legendary stage will be performed by still young but promising and featherspromising artists of the Bolshoi Anastasia Denisova and Daniel Khamsin. In addition to them in the gala concert will be attended by Yevgenia Obraztsova, Vyacheslav Lopatin, Daria Khokhlova, Margarita shrainer Denis Zakharov, and many others. And Igor Tsvirko with Catherine Krysanova will close the concert with his trademark Grand pas from the ballet “don Quixote”. The gala concert will involve the choir and orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia under Maestro Pavel Klinichev.

at the same time, these days in the Kaliningrad regional Museum of fine arts is held the exhibition “Legends of the Bolshoi theatre”. At the exhibition in the framework of the project “Mariinsky theatre — Russian cities” features more than 90 exhibits from the collections of the Museum of the Bolshoi theatre, telling about architecture famous buildings, iconic performances “Golden Fund” of the theatre, as well as great artists, whose face captured in a unique photo.

Among others in the exhibition sketches of the scenery of the founder of the Museum of Fyodor Fedorovsky for the Opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet (1922), “mastersingers of Nuremberg” by R. Wagner (1929), “Prince Igor” by Borodin (1934, 1944, 1953), “Sadko” N. Rimsky-Korsakov (1935, 1949), Khovanshchina By M. Mussorgsky (1950). A subject of special pride of the Museum staff in this section, sketches of scenery and costumes of the famous painter Boris Grigoriev (1920) signed copy of the first avant-garde production of the Opera “the snow maiden” N. Rimsky-Korsakov.

the Ballet section of the exhibition are the sketches for several productions of ballet — the symbol of the Bolshoi theatre, “Swan lake”: the costumes, made by Basil Diachkova (production by Alexander Gorsky, 1912); sketches of scenery and costumes for Sergei Samokhvalov (production Evgenia Dolinsky and Asaf Messerer 1937); Marina Azizyan (staged by Vladimir Vasiliev, 1996). In the exhibition, and others symbolic for the Bolshoi theatre ballets: “don Quixote” (1940, the artist Vadim Ryndin), “Romeo and Juliet” (1946, artist Peter Williams) and two productions of “Spartak”, created specifically for the Bolshoi ballet (1958, the artist Alexander Constantine/ choreography by I. Moiseev; 1968, Simon Virsaladze/ choreography by Y. Grigorovich). Also on display are the costumes of the Great soloists of these performances, ballet shoes with autographs of famous artists, models for productions.