Zoologists have discovered in a natural-historical parks "Moscow" and "tuschinski" Event in forest and nature areas "Bitsa forest" first rabbits. About this TASS said Tuesday in a press-service of the Moscow Department of nature use and environmental protection.

"On the natural territories of Moscow has appeared the first baby rabbits. Hare is home to many natural areas of the city of Moscow, because these animals to a comfortable life is enough of a relatively small space. The period of reproduction in hares lasts from March to June", – stated in the message.

According to experts, to approach the hares and, especially, to try to take them in hands is not worth it.

"For the season, one female can have up to three broods. The diet of these mammals consists of plant foods. In summer they feed on herbaceous plants, grasses prefer. In winter the buds, twigs, bark of trees and shrubs", – stated in the message.

In the wild rabbits duration of life is 4-5 years, under favorable conditions, members of the species live to be 6-7 years, and sometimes up to 10.