The Finance Ministry has allowed state procurement without competition on the week

the country’s Leadership emphasizes that the upcoming week the weekend is not meant for walking and entertainment in public places, and for the isolation. But not everyone will rest in these days, even at home.

the presidential Decree does not apply to lifesaving organizations. Transport, governments, health organizations will continue to work. The Ministry of Finance allowed them to hold on a non-working week for procurement without competition. The Minister noted that it is of any goods, works and services required during the long weekend.

“Now, in 44-FZ established the requirements for carrying out individual actions in the procurement only on weekdays. At the same time, the President identified the organization that are not covered by the Decree. If they need immediate procurement of any goods, works and services required during the period of nonworking days, such organizations are entitled to purchase without carrying out the competitive methods of determination of supplier (contractor, executor) from a single supplier (contractor, performer) on the basis of 44-FL due to the occurrence of the force majeure circumstances”, — reported on the Ministry’s website.