Great feelings in the final of the SRF dance show “Shall we dance?”: Sven Epiney (47) made his friend Michael Graber (26) in front of the camera a request.

After the Jury verdict, he went to the knee. And said, with tears in the eyes: “The result tonight does not matter, but to me it plays a role with whom I want to spend the rest of my life and that’s you. I hope you know, I would like to be your husband and you are mine!” After a heartfelt hug and a big round of applause in the audience, Graber said, the redeeming words: “Yes, I want!”

Epiney and Graber are since 2011 a Couple of. Together, the two live in Zurich.

victory for Jan Oliver

the victory was not enough, despite the request. In the end, the Ex got the votes of Mister Switzerland and musician, Jan Oliver (31) the most. (bnr)