After the downtime associated with quarantine filmmakers are gradually returning to the usual rhythm of life. In a country isolation has not stopped violent activities of Svetlana Druzhinina, one of the first to start work in the new conditions in the mask and gloves. Fedor Bondarchuk had deployed his team in Tatarstan. Yulia Peresild began to treat the milk from a lack of love. Restores the last day of his life tragically departed stars Siberian underground Dyagilevo the Yankees.

Svetlana Druzhinina working simultaneously on two paintings – “Midshipman 4”, which promises to show this year, and in parallel – on the fifth part of its multi-year project. Throughout the period of isolation tireless Druzhinin was posted in social networks video, talked about how working remotely with an editor, and now with actors, carefully selecting every detail of the costume correct fit of headgear.

Before the film group producer Fyodor Bondarchuk went to Kazan on the shooting of the film “the Master” of the legendary racing team “KAMAZ-Master”, in Tatarstan began to gain the crowd, calling for participation, as has been said, stylish, trendy, modern young people 20-30 years. In ads placed in social networks, it was reported: “If someone has the text on coronavirus – write, if not, then someone will do it at the expense of the company.” Having part of the material, the group moved to Astrakhan oblast to continue shooting in Moscow. The Director of the project was Stepan Korshunov, and the main role performed by Anatoly Bely, Igor Petrenko, Makar Zaporozhye, Sergei Shakurov.

In Tatarstan went and actor Theater. EVG. Vakhtangov, Sergei Batayev, in his time graduated from the Kazan drama school. He’s already shot a short film “Old soldier”, the last role was played by Vladimir Etush. Now Sergei returned to the village of Ivanovskoe, where childhood summers at my great-grandmother. In his new movie “Fighting fish from the village River”, the main roles play Sergey Gorobchenko and actress of Lenkom Natalia Schukina. Sitting behind that Desk in isolation, they can’t get enough of the rural expanse, the cries of roosters and flying flies, that live the life which we were deprived. All participants of the shooting process, before the job passed the test for the coronavirus.

July 14, started shooting of the film “you were wearing converged wedge white light” debut in a feature film Igor Poplaukhin. A journalist by first education, he graduated from the Moscow school of new cinema, and his short film “Calendar” participated in the Cinefondation program of the Cannes film festival in 2018, and was there awarded, and then became the best short film on “Kinotavr”. The new project of Igor devoted to the Siberian punk singer, parthe Friday group “Civil defense” shield Dyagilevo whose life was tragically cut short on may 9, 1991, when she was 24 years old. Being at the cottage near Novosibirsk, she went into the woods and never returned. There is a theory that the next day her family received a postcard wishing me a good day. On 17 may, the girl’s body was found in the river. Yegor Letov, attended the funeral supposedly took all of her letters and papers. But what happened actually, is still unknown. A lot of versions: accident, voluntary departure from life, murder.

the Movie starts with togas that hunters will encounter in the river the body of a young girl. Will be played by the last day of her life. From the city it will go to the country, then go to the forest to the river, meet with many people – real and imagined, familiar and unfamiliar, even to those who have already left this world. Her death is mysterious and hopeless love. Yegor Letov in the picture will not. The producer of the film was Ilya Stewart, who worked with Kirill Serebrennikov on “Summer” about Mike Naumenko and Victor Tsoi.

“Our film in a poetic manner resurrects the events of the day, when Janka disappeared, – says Director Igor Poplaukhin. – He is imbued with the images and mood of her songs, but none of them in the picture not sound. And our lives Janka not in 1991, and in some Russian timelessness of summer cottages, forests and rivers. For me it is not a biography of the Yankees, rather, a hagiography – the biography of a Holy man, miracles and reality are inseparable”.

Filming will take place in Saint-Petersburg and its surroundings. The main role will be performed by the St. Petersburg actress keira Pievskaya. For her, this picture was very personal, and the events in some degree lived too, so the shooting will allow you to let go of his emotions.

Not devoid of mysticism and the new project, Karen Hovhannisyan, on account of which “Brownie,” “I remain”, “Five brides”, “Hero”. “Milk” he started to take on the Kola Peninsula in Kirovsk, which is so loved not only by Russian and European filmmakers, and partly where they filmed “Leviathan” Andrey Zvyagintsev. In Kirovsk lives heroine Yulia Peresild. All of her Zoe is good, but the Northern lights strange begins to affect it. The chest is filled with miraculous milk, contrary to the diagnosis – infertility. Milk is able to heal the wounds of a variety of people, especially those who had been deprived in childhood of parental love.

Zoe is surrounded by a very non-trivial characters. For example, its civil husband Sergei in the performance of Andrei Bourkovski. Along with Yulia Peresild they have played, tired from each couple in the play “Solar line”. Now her pious stolen from the zoo two male penguins who settled them in the bathroom. The role of the tyrant-father will play Gosha Kutsenko – in the life of good chepersons. To the shooting he arrived after ten rehearsals Andrei Konchalovsky in the play “Scenes from family life”, which will replace Alexander Domogarova in a duet with Yulia Vysotskaya. But the most surprising role, perhaps, Yuri Kolokolnikov. He is an exhibitionist and mammology, for several years of frightening women in a Park and suffering from this.

“Despite the fact that this film is a parable, it contains a lot of humor, says Karen Oganesyan. – Julia Peresild, very worried how to find the tone that will not break the original language, which was created by Ekaterina Mavromatis – magical world and it is the conventional “milk,” implying a mother’s love. Now, after the pandemic, in this picture there is a spirit of hope and love which should inspire the viewer. I wish this was a human movie. I specifically did not amplify the drama component. I think the story you need to tell easy.”

the Script was written by Catherine Mavromatis, who worked with Yusuf by Razykova in the film “Shame” – one of the strongest in the last decade. About his new film she said: “the Idea came when it became evident to me the relationship between love implanted in us in childhood, and how we will continue to have a happy life. I have seen many examples of people who do not have enough love, first and foremost, a parent, life is much more complicated. And in our country, unfortunately, due to historical events of the 20th century and collective trauma, the majority of people being deprived of essential childhood of heat. When I had children, I became especially hard to see the impact of this colossal lack, was born the fantasy of miracle tool that could instantly make an adult as it would be if I had a child enough love”.

Yulia Peresild raised the subject of lack of love: “If from childhood that love was enough, then perhaps different was our life. The story itself is non-standard. Reading the script, I thought “Wow! And how does it play?” At this point, it becomes immediately interesting. Our shooting – the best time after the release of the pandemic. We all really miss him, and almost all are very familiar with. Despite the gloves, masks, germicidal lamp, we are engaged in creativity, not in a hurry, experimenting, trying to find a unique language.”

For Yuri Kolokolnikov new work was a great joy: “I Read a script where the household component built into the metaphor, and at this junction occur amazing metamorphosis. Me amazing always want life to turn into poetry. “Milk” – the case when reality comes into contact with absolutely absurd paradigm, and in thist the moment there is magic, for which we go to the movies.”

the Test house in recent months turned many a craving for something unusual and fabulous. Gloves, masks, social distance only add to the feeling of something unreal, creating a lot of inconvenience. Have to endure in the name of art