Trump seems to have found a way to suppress the surging in the U.S. the riots – he began to enter the Federal security forces in the violence-ridden city. It would seem that both the authorities and the residents of these cities can only be grateful to the President, but in reality, trump immediately became the object of harsh criticism. Why is this happening?

Donald trump declares war. Not Iran, not Venezuela, not Russia and not even his recent times buddy Kim Jong Ynu. The President declares war on the us governors and mayors, which – in his understanding – took hostage American citizens.

In a number of cities and States for almost two months of unrest sweeps, and local authorities do not suppress them, but actually encourage, blaming the pogroms not the crowd staged their vandals, and sitting in the White house racist – that is the trump. In this situation, the President announced the entering units Federal law enforcement agencies in the rebellious city – and regularly sends them to new hotbeds of the protests. In the queue now Albuquerque (new Mexico), and one of the largest cities in the country – Chicago.

However, his actions meet with serious resistance both from the governors and from the majority of the American media.

For Russian readers this is a true sur. The vast majority of Russians consider the actions of trump is not something that is correct, and the only thing needed in this situation, and perceive Americans opposed to him either as saboteurs or as traitors. And this perception is because the Russian state traditions very different from American.

the King of kings

First, governors in the Russian understanding is the sovereign people, raised in the province and working within a vertical (varying degrees of hardness). In the States it is not so. Choosing more than 200 years ago, the state model between what we would now call a Federation and a Confederation, they chose something in between. In the end, there is quite a strong presidential power, the President actually might be a “king” – but only in Washington, and then some. In States as a “king” is a local Governor, with wide powers and responsibility for the Affairs happening in his fiefdom.

The fullness of these powers, of course, varies from state to state.

“Every state has its own Constitution, which distributed powers between the Governor, local Parliament and the state court. Governors usually responsible for enforcing the laws of the state, sometimes have the right to appoint judges to the state Supreme court. In some States they can even appoint a U.S. Senator from your state, if incumbent Senator resigned or died.

But in General, according to the U.S. Constitution all powers not spelled out to the Federal authorities, are the responsibility of the States – including the powers of law enforcement (except Federal crimes of concern to the FBI and other Federal agencies). And if the state government will request the President sent to the assistance of the national guard, he should not interfere. In fact, the main mechanism of influence of the Federal authorities the policy of the States is the granting of subsidies for the implementation of various programs,” – says the newspaper VIEW, the lecturer at Rutgers University Sergey kostyaev.

We decide

As included in the democratic party mayors and governors are elected by just leftists and black leftists share their ideas and hatred of President Trump, and are committed to ensuring that all of America saw this hatred, it is not surprising that the local government actually condones and even defends him.

Take Portland. The city’s 54 days was the demonstration, during which the mob destroyed property and committed acts of violence. The local police with a situation unable to cope, and trump introduces the Federal forces. However, mayor Ted Wheeler, the Governor of Oregon Kate brown oppose Washington and demand that the Federal forces to leave the city. Because, according to local authorities, the aggressive tactics of the feds (read: the crackdown on anarchists and the power to prevent riots) “increase the tension”. The rebellious mayors of cities and governors of States say that people have the right to protest, and that local authorities decide when the protest becomes violent, and in some cases remains peaceful.

Technically they have every right to make such statements – riots are not a Federal crime, and to Washington for help, no one asked. Washington came himself.

“I suggested the local assistance of the Ministry of internal security to resolve the situation in Portland, and they just told me to pack up and go home. No, while I’m on duty this will not happen,” – said the acting Minister of Chad Wolfe.

“the Legal argument trump based on the fact that it needs to protect Federal buildings. And in each city many different departments of Federal services”, – says Sergey kostyaev.

In public the President suggests that trying to “restore public order, to protect American children and force violators to stand trial”.

We have the power

Thirdly, in the United States are very sensitive to the violation of any personal rights of citizens. Between the police and society has developed a whole set of norms and rules of behavior (reading of rights, lapel badges with identificatio��tion rooms, etc.). From Federal agencies experience the correct, legitimate from the perspective of American standards of detention not (and trump were herded into the rebellious cities not just the FBI, but special forces used a variety of ceremony structures – for example, guards). No wonder the media is full of stories about how strange the security forces without markings and insignia (either unreadable or unknown insignia) captured protesters, throw them in the same unidentified car and taken to God knows where.

“Unidentified attack planes, without markings, the kidnapping of protesters and causing serious injuries for drawing graffiti. These actions are unacceptable in a democratic Republic,” – said the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.

“the security forces unmarked for protesters send not democratic, and authoritarian governments, – is indignant the Senator from Oregon Jeff Merk. – This tactic trump and Barr (William Barr, attorney General of the USA – approx. OPINION) intended to destroy any responsibility (of the security forces to the population – approx. OPINION), is absolutely unacceptable for America and needs to stop.”

The Democrats perceive this tactic as a direct violation of the Fourth amendment to the Constitution (the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be infringed). The attorney General of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum (the question of habitual for Russians vertically, including within agencies) have filed a lawsuit in district court against several Federal agencies, to carry out these seizures and arrests.

In fact, trump goes for broke – his attack on the American tradition for the sake of other traditions (the inviolability of private property, protect the lives of ordinary Americans) was a necessary step. Strike the USA a whole series of problems has challenged the stronghold of the electoral strategy of the incumbent (focusing on his great accomplishments in the economy), and now the democratic candidate in the presidential election, Joe Biden is ahead of trump by 9 percentage points. Therefore, the trump changes the hold – now its unofficial slogan is “law and order”.

“trump waited to make the people howled – in Seattle, for example, crime has increased in 5 times and now sends the feds. Local mayors vehemently protesting – it strengthens their position among the left, but the alarming center. So there is a positional game,” – says the Newspaper VIEW, Professor of political science and international relations at the University of Tennessee Andrei Korobkov.

The only question is, how the actions of the President of the United States to ensure that law and order will be appreciated by ordinary Americans. Those that do not fall under the hands of the devil��wusasa on the streets the crowd of blacks and left-wing anarchists.