The fencer team of Russia Dmitry Danilenko said that may have been infected with coronavirus

the Fencer team of the Russian Federation Dmitry Danilenko said that he and his team spagetti Daria Martyniuk, sleeps with him, he developed symptoms of coronavirus. However, to date, they have not yet passed corresponding test.

As told to Danilenko, the men’s team of Russia in the sabre, he performed at the world Cup in Luxembourg (the tournament ended on 8 March). And Martyniuk participated in the Grand Prix of epee fencing from 6 to 8 March. At the end of the tournament it became known that three Korean and three Chinese athletes on his return from Hungary revealed the coronavirus COVID-19. Dmitry said that the team returned to Russia through Germany. This was followed a week-long gathering on “Round Lake”. After gathering the representatives of the Department of health of Moscow called Danilenko said that he is quarantined. The athlete, as it should be kept in quarantine for two weeks.

In the words of the fencer, the last three days his temperature was above normal, and his friend’s fever lasts two days. Overall, they feel good, just cough and had a fever.

Danilenko told your doctor about any problems encountered, after which the decision was made to call an ambulance. The arrived doctor has not heard in the lungs, no rales. He also recommended to go to the place of residence in Moscow (currently Dmitry and Daria live in Khimki) and to call a special service. The athlete added that they plan to get tested to make sure they are not infected COVID-19.

March 11, the world health organization declared the outbreak, calling the disease COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest colorvery covered more than 160 countries, infected more than 378 thousand people, of about 16.5 thousand died, more than 101 thousand people recovered.