The Federation Council on 14 March will consider the opinions of the legislatures under the Constitution

As told on a press-conferences the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas, in the middle of day of Thursday in the Federation Council has already received 63 of the decision of the regional parliaments. “They’re all positive,” the Senator informed. According to the schedule of meetings, all parties have time to comment on the amendments to the Constitution until the end of the day on Friday, he added.

existing regulations are sufficient to to put the issue on the agenda of the plenary session, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko. “The law approved by all regions and presented their position, and this is more than two thirds. And documents continue to arrive, – she told reporters. Thus the Federation Council may vote on the resolution on the establishment of the outcome of the legislative assemblies of the subjects of the law on the amendment of the Constitution at its next meeting. It is scheduled for March 14, on Saturday. We will include in the agenda”.

All parliaments will have time to speak on the amendments before the end of the day on Friday

“the Next step is the establishment of voting results in the legislative bodies of constituent entities of the Federation Council. After that, the President signs a law and forwards it to the constitutional court. After the response, the COP President issued a decree on the procedure nationwide voting”, – said Klishas course of action.

After the appointment date of the vote, most of the work on the procedure for making amendments will maintain the CEC. He was already instructed to prepare and conduct voting, the regulatory framework has a high degree of readiness.

the polls: More than 60% of Russians will vote for the amendments to the Constitution

But this does not mean that the President created a working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution will be irrelevant. According to Klishas, who is the co-chair of the group, she will hold another meeting and prepare for the President a report on what is not included in the Basic Law of supply should be fixed in other butryativnyk acts.

in addition, working group members will go to the regions to explain to citizens the essence of the amendments put to the vote. “Many of these amendments are written in a very special language can be recognized Klishas, we work on the Basic Law and adhere to certain rules.” Team members will translate the provisions of the law from the language of constitutional rights on a daily and explain meaning of certain rules for human life. “We have, unfortunately, people often did not discuss the text of the amendment, and something about it up, then got scared of what came up, and then began to criticize and discuss their fears,” said Klishas. “Let’s stick to the text,” he called.

Chronologically Assembly supported the amendments to the Constitution

Regional parliamentarians quickly began consideration of the law on amendments of the Constitution. On Thursday, the day after the approval of the law by the state Duma and approval by the Council of the Federation, many regions have held an extraordinary meeting of the legislative Assembly and councils.

Before anyone else, the law on amendments to the Constitution considered the deputies of the far Eastern regions. All were in favor of the change. MPs of the Primorsky territory noted that “the proposed amendments to the Constitution will determine the legal structure of the state for decades to come”. In the Sakhalin region emphasized the importance of the amendments for the County.

– For us, the far East, as well as for all residents of the border regions, it is vital that the Constitution will enshrine the provision on the territorial integrity of Russia, – said the speaker of the Parliament Andrei Hapochkin. – The point of view of Sakhalin parliamentarians on this issue is known: for us, the Kuril problem, no extra Russian lands.

Photo: Mikhail Sinitsyn/ RG CEC reprAvil symbolism of voting on amendments to the Constitution

After the Far East extraordinary meetings held legislators Siberia, Volga region, Northern Caucasus and other areas. Amendments approved somewhere solid, somewhere majority. The Communist party faction in the regions, like their Federal colleagues in the state Duma, when voting chose to abstain. The main reason is not all the amendments of the Communist party, in the final version.

So, in the Tomsk region “for” have voted 32 deputies of the legislative Duma, but four deputies from the Communist party abstained. The legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region changes to the Constitution were supported unanimously. In the Crimea voted 67 out of 69 attended the meeting of the parliamentarians. The head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov, speaking before MPs, highlighted the legislative recognition of the inviolability of the Russian borders, which directly applies to the Crimea.

– For obvious reasons we were denied the opportunity to participate in the constitutional process, culminating in the adoption of the Basic Law in December 1993, the same by which we live and in which now we have to make important changes, – said the speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov. The Russian political life, we could observe then only from the side. Now we fully take responsibility for the future of the country, build it, protect and develop. This is another clear demonstration of our return home, the complete and final integration of the Crimea in the Russian political-legal space.

Sands: the Transfer of voting on amendments to the Constitution now is not discussed

the Law fills the specific content of the concept of the welfare state. Fixed protection safeguards and respect for the working man – he said, anticipating the discussion of the document at the session, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Khakassia Vladimir Shtygashev. Russia honors the memory of defenders of the Fatherland, protecting the historical truth, the diminution of the value of the feat of the people is not allowed. At the level of the Constitution of our country declares the successor of the Soviet Union.

In support of the amendments made by the deputies of the state Assembly – Kurultai of Bashkortostan Republic.

– This topic has, perhaps, comes first in the agenda of political and public life of the country, – commented the Chairman of the state Assembly of Bashkortostan Konstantin Tolkachev. – This is not surprising, since the issue affects not only the interests of each inhabitant of modern Russia, but also the new generations that are yet to be born, the amendments are made for decades and possibly for centuries. The list of proposed changes and expands konkretisiert social security, enshrines at the constitutional level special protection of children’s rights, elevated to the rank of constitutional priorities, the integrity and independence of our state. In terms of the flexibility of a modern political process, this should be an insurance against unexpected “initiatives” that could potentially worsen the situation of people in our country.

For violations during the vote on the Constitution will be punished with fines and terms

the speaker of the Parliament stressed that citizens should clearly understand what they are going to vote on April 22. “In this regard, consider the responsibility of parliamentarians at all levels to carry out explanatory work with the voters to convey to people the meaning of each amendment,” he urged colleagues.

To communicate with the residents prepared and in Chelyabinsk region. “A lot of outreach to constituencies – said the speaker of regional legislative Assembly Vladimir Myakush. Now the deputies of all levels, from rural settlements to urban districts, should meet with voters and talk about the meaning of the adopted amendments and their benefits to citizens. Russia is now the most needed social and political stability, we have had enough of revolutions.”

Prepared by Julia Gardner, Olga Goriunova, Natalie Graf, Nikita Zaikov, Dmitry Malkov, Aleksey Vakulenko, Michael Pincus, Marina Ledyaev.