As told to “RG” Eduard Isakov, since may 1 this year came into force a government decree, which contains the ban on the purchase of 125 species of imported goods for state needs.

“However, currently, Federal law No. 44 (ppl – with. “RG”) and adopted its development regulations contain “loopholes” for unscrupulous customers on the purchase of any foreign products. For example, the procurement technical manipulations may not comply with the prohibitions on the purchase of foreign goods, including through the use of rare characteristics of foreign products, the consolidation of purchasing volumes or the behavior of the short terms of deliveries in which it is possible to put only the finished foreign goods from the warehouse,” explained the Senator.

According to him, through manipulation of the characteristics of goods unscrupulous buyers can purchase any foreign products tens of billions of rubles. As a consequence, the state will receive less taxes, a number of activities for national projects will be in jeopardy, hurt the interests of Russian manufacturers of high-tech products. Moreover, such actions discrediting the state policy in the field of import substitution and create conditions for corruption in public procurement.

“And most recently, the legislation of the Russian Federation does not contain any sanctions for violations of the prohibitions on the purchase of foreign products in the presence of Russian analogues”, – said Isakov.

“that’s Why we with Andrey V. Kutepov has developed a draft law supplementing the criminal code by article 201.2, which introduces criminal liability for non-performance or improper performance of official face of the customer requirements on the ban on the purchase of foreign products in accordance with the provisions of the Federal law No. 44. Today all the documents submitted to the Supreme court,” – said Eduard Isakov.

Under the bill (the text is available at the disposal of “RG”), for failure to perform or improper performance of the provisions of the law officer of the customer may incur the penalty of a fine (up to 300 thousand rubles), compulsory work (360 hours), corrective labor (for a period up to one year) or arrest (for up to 3 months).

In the case of causing very serious damage, the punishment will be higher. The fine will be from 300 thousand to 1 million rubles can be applied the prohibition to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years, the period of compulsory work can be up to 480 hours, correctional labor up to 2 years, arrest for up to 6 months.