The Federation Council approved the law on the freezing of prices for medicines when epidemic

As said, reporting on the document, first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Igor Ghahramanyan, it is including about the current situation with the spread of coronavirus infection.

Photo: Reuters/Pavel Mikheyev the state Duma will consider measures to support citizens and businesses for coronavirus

the Government can set maximum allowable retail prices for drugs that are not included in the list of essential drugs. This right appears in the Cabinet in the event of an epidemic, an emergency or in case of unreasonable increase in the cost of drugs in several regions more than 30% within 30 days. In this situation, the government will be able to fix the prices of medicines for a period not exceeding 90 calendar days.

the law Also stipulates a ban on sale at inflated prices of medicines and medical products included into the list of the government.

the Implementation of this law will allow to control prices on drugs and medical devices, “which in the event of emergency situations or the threat of the spread of diseases has become vital” and will ensure their accessibility to the consumer, signed Ghahramanyan.