The fear of terrorist attacks, now the Federal house. Soon, stone bollards to stand on the sidewalk in front of the Parliament building.

“the terrorists were looking for places with a high presence in the media,” said Peter Winkler, project Manager of the Federal office for buildings and logistics, in the news programmes of Radio SRF on Friday.

“it is Not by the main inputs to”

It is a good Balance of the applicable to be found to allow between “life here on the square and a minimum of security, that you can’t just drive through the main entrances of the Federal house to pass”.

the safety measure was Suggested, in view of the increased terrorist threat in the whole of Europe, the Federal office of police (Fedpol). It was decided by the administrative delegation of the Federal Parliament, as Winkler said.

building application in the autumn

Until the stone bollard, but definitely, it can take. Only in the autumn, the building application is to be made. (SDA/brb)