parents should to have due to the Corona-crisis no disadvantages for the parents money. Federal Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey is the Bundestag parliamentary groups of the CDU and the SPD agreed to change the basis of calculation temporarily, as you the Ministry announced on Tuesday.

the basis for the amount of the parental allowance, the average net income of the twelve months prior to the birth is normally. If anyone deserves because of the crisis, just less, shall not be counted for the affected months now.

short-time work allowance is the amount of the parental leave allowance does not reduce

“short-time work allowance and unemployment benefit I, due to Corona, the parents reduce money and are also not counted in the subsequent calculation of the parents money for another child”, it was called to the Ministry.

Who can works in so-called system-relevant Professions, and therefore, no parents will take time, it may defer. Also, the rules with the partnership bonus, an additional performance to get the mothers and fathers who both work part-time to share child-rearing – can be relaxed if part-time is not currently comply with so.

the Following rules should the law be changed:

  • adjustments to the parental allowance for parents, the so-called system of the relevant Professions work. Since they are now needed especially, you can postpone your parents money months .
  • in addition to some of the parents, partnership bonus – an additional power, to get mothers and fathers, working at the same time, to share the upbringing of children – not to lose, if you work on the basis of the Corona-crisis is currently more or less as planned.
  • in Addition to. parents and parents-to-be, currently have a loss of income, for example, because they are in short-time work, no disadvantage in the parents have money Specifically: short-time work allowance and unemployment benefit I, due to Corona, the parents reduce the money and are also not counted in the subsequent calculation of the parents money for another child with.

“Germany’s best known and most popular family service is in Corona, times of crisis,” said Giffey. “We want parents and those who will in the future, the worry that you could have because of the Corona epidemic, cons to the parents of money.” The adjustments should now “be brought as quickly as possible by the Cabinet and the parliamentary process”.

parents money mothers and fathers get, if you don’t, or for the time being, want to work after the birth of the child only a little. The state supports this with a minimum of 300 euros and a maximum of 1800 euros per month, depending on the net earnings prior to the birth of the child. The parental allowance is paid in the full amount of a maximum of 14 months if both participate in the care.

Minister of Giffey also fits in a children’s Supplement to

Since last Wednesday, 1. April, during the Corona-crisis, more parents are entitled to a child allowance. With the program’s emergency-KiZ, the Federal government respond quickly to the economic effects of the Corona epidemic on families, said Federal Minister for family Affairs Giffey. A lot of families had suddenly “from today to tomorrow, only a small income”.

The children’s Supplement supports families with income up to 185 Euro per month per child in addition to child benefit. As a small income, an income of about 1,400 to 2,400 euros for a couple family with two children, net in the case of medium-sized housing costs.

what is New is that currently only the income of the parents is in the last month, decisive, and not, as previously, the past six months. In the case of emergency-KiZ parents must also make no more for the assets if you have no significant assets.

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