Green-national Council Gerhard Andrey (44) has a bad feeling: “The Federal Council seems to be the Crypto-want affair, if possible, sweep it under the rug.” He attempts to give the impression that everything is half as wild.

reminder: During decades, the US secret service, CIA and the German Federal news listen-out service to other governments – this use of manipulated cipher devices of the Swiss Crypto AG. What spooked for a long time as a rumor, could be proven by a Research collective of SRF Rundschau, ZDF and “Washington Post” in February, for the first time.

From the documents to demonstrate that the Swiss knew the secret service, and son-in-law. The same shall apply to former members of the Federal Council. It would be a massive break against the neutrality principle. Switzerland’s good reputation as a reliable mediator on the international stage would be on the game – you might think.

the Federal Council has no fear for a Image

The Federal Council sees the more relaxed. He had no reason to believe “that the confidence of other States in the Swiss policy of neutrality would no longer be intact,” he writes in his just-published responses to initiatives of the SP and the Greens. The credibility of Swiss foreign policy based on its long-term stability and reliability. So far only a few third countries have reacted to the scandal.

For the government, no measures are currently all the rage because even. Anyway, it refers rather to the ongoing investigation by the control delegation (GPDel) of the Parliament. Whose report the government is now to be seen. Previously, the government intends to do nothing.

And even more, how Andrey is upset: “The Federal Council implies that such a affair in the spying industry, the job risk.” So the government declared that news would have to services for the early detection of threats can make your tasks even in a digitized environment, to perceive. This also includes procurement activities abroad included. It was, however, “to make careful trade-offs between the risks of such possibilities and the Benefits”.

“The Federal Council is trying to hide”

parliamentarians show themselves immensely disappointed: “it is the long-standing reliability of the Switzerland will be thrown by the Crypto-affair on the pile,” says Andrey. “Of course, the reputation of the neutral Switzerland is not that bad.” Also, SP group chief Roger Nordmann (47) is unhappy: “The Federal Council is trying to hide behind the investigation of the GPDel.” This is only possible errors could not investigate in the administration, but the possible crimes.

the Federal Council emphasized that espionage activities of foreign services in Switzerland can be subject to criminal penalties, can not calm down, the parliamentarians also.

“A cry for help from the Federal Council”

“For me, this is even a contradiction”, says Andrey. “If we have all the necessary laws, why is it such a scandal, much of which suggests that the Swiss authorities knew about it?”

SP-group chief Nordmann, however, comes to a different conclusion. He pointed out that the government list all of the laws, which may have been violated. “That he identifies, what is actually forbidden to all, I interpret as a cry for help from the Federal Council,” says Nordmann. “He wants the Federal Prosecutor to the matter, so how you need to do it actually, a long time would have.”