be the wage of the servants of the psychiatrist, complained of psychotherapists, so persons without a medical degree – for years. Now, the Federal Council wants to remedy the situation. The state government is proposing a change of system: “in the Future, psychological psychotherapist to indoor and psychotherapists can provide their services independently within the framework of the compulsory health care insurance.”

condition is a appropriate qualification, a licence to practise in the Canton, as well as the arrangement of the psychotherapy by a Doctor, or a doctor, writes the Federal Department of the interior (EDI) of the SP Federal councillor Alain Berset (47) in a communication. The EDI refers to physiotherapy, where this is also the case.

Only under the supervision of a psychiatrist

Today, the services of psychologists from the health insurance funds are transferred to basic insurance (OKP) only if they are provided under the supervision of and in the premises of a physician. This so-called delegation model is based on a decision of the Federal court and was intended as a temporary solution until a national harmonised training of psychologists is not present.

the move from the delegation model of the so-called Assembly model “can be used to supply bottlenecks in the case of children and adolescents as well as adults in crisis and emergency situations will be reduced,” says the Federal Council.

Faster help possible

The arrangement by the family doctor allows for easier and earlier access to psychotherapy than the previously required prior consultation with a specialist or a doctor for psychiatry and psychotherapy. Long-term therapy could be reduced.

Mental disorders are no signs of the edge, such as the Federal Council stresses. Up to a third of the Swiss population have a mental illness would occur. Most common are depression, anxiety disorders and addiction are diseases.

cost of 100 million per year

So that there is a cost Explosion, the Federal Council is proposing a restriction: Per a doctor’s prescription 15 sessions are a maximum of possible. Cost more but are essential: according to estimates, the government assumes that private benefits paid in the amount of around CHF 100 million will in the future be billed to health insurance.

The EDI expects that in the longer term, with a slight increase in the number of patients. In order to monitor the impact of the new regulation on the cost and, if necessary, an adjustment of the regulation, to be carried out a Monitoring over the next few years, as well as an Evaluation. (vfc)