In the nine weeks are parliamentary elections – but the parties are gearing up for the 11. December, for the Federal Council elections. In the elections of October, the Greens could outdo the CVP when voters share. The demand for a green Federal Council follows as sure as the Amen in the Church.

“If we have, on election night, the nose is actually the front, is the seat of the call for a Federal Council unmistakable,” says party leader Regula Rytz (57) and so the claim of Green clear.

Actually, the former Bernese Regierungsrat Bernhard Pulver (54) would be as a candidate, but, better still, a green Federal Council candidate would be a year and a half after the woman’s strike. Is called the President. They are not proposing a candidacy.

“magic formula don’t want to comment anymore”

Rytz, but to-person alien, but emphasizes, rather, that the Greens want to shake the current composition of the Bundesrat, if you overtake the CVP. Currently, the state government will be set according to the magic formula, after which the three major parties will be entitled to two seats each and the fourth largest on a seat.

The magic formula is since 1959 the distribution formula for the Federal Council. After this, the three strongest parties have the right to two seats on the Federal Council, and the fourth-strongest party in Parliament gets a seat. Today, the SVP has two seats, the SP two, the FDP and the CVP’s seat of a Federal Council.

The magic formula is not binding – otherwise, the former Federal councillor would need to be voted out of office, Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (63) in 2011 at the latest. Because at the time she was a small party, the BDP. Elected was in 2007, however, as a SVP member.

A prominent victim of the magic formula, the then CVP Federal councillor Ruth Metzler (55, photo). After the rise of the SVP to the voters-strongest party reflected the magic formula at that time, the SP, CVP and FDP had two seats, the strength of SVP a – Party. After several failed attempts it was 10. December 2003: The CVP as the fourth-strongest party lost a seat to the SVP, Metzler was voted out of office. Sermîn Faki

from Berne makes clear why she holds this formula for art: “The magic formula purpose of all the choice of strong parties to be represented in the government.” From their point of view, this is no longer given, if the Green is denied on a par with the CVP is a Federal Council seat.

FDP übervertreten

And Rytz also makes no secret of the fact, to which party you claim: “today, the Greens are sitting closer to a Federal Council as the FDP on the second.” Similarly, it sounds like the green liberals. GLP-chief Jürg Grossen, (49) says: “if past Trends hold true, and the GLP and the Greens, to increase considerably and the right-wing Block of FDP and SVP lose, you have to discuss the composition of the Federal Council. It is not explainable that the political middle, with around 30 percent just a seat and the FDP comes with well below 20 percent to two seats.”

Should join the Greens, in fact, to the Christian Democrats, will also argue the CVP to defend the Federal Council seat by Viola Amherd (57). Board member Martin Candinas (38): “It is clear that the FDP has the lower claim on two seats as the CVP on one.” And colleague on the Executive Board Stefan Müller-Altermatt (43) twice, it’ll also be 20 after. October is not the CVP, the übervertreten was.

Rösti says “Yes, but”

of Course, the CVP will also refer to their mandates in the nation – and especially in the Council of States. In the Stöckli, the Christian Democrats are in Power. The CVP-number of seats in the small chamber will not reach the Green.

About SVP-chief Albert Rösti (52) says, the SVP is that the four strongest parties formed the government. But, he admits: “it is important to note but also the representation in the Council of States.” This applies to all parties. Thus, Rösti allows the Greens in the seat, open a can with his statement but by the back door.

Cassis in the sights

Which of the two FDP-seats wobble, is an open secret: the of Ignazio Cassis (58). The foreign Minister is more unpopular than his party colleague Karin Keller-Sutter (55). It is also for the centre-left is easier for a man than a woman deselect.

This output location, the FDP is aware of. Free intimate to say, you’ll insist on the classic magic formula in order to avoid a personal discussion, and both seats are secure.

The leadership of the social Democrats rejected the suggestion that it was too early to speculate about the dismissal of the foreign Minister. Behind the Scenes, probing, however, Enjoyed the backing of Cassis in the own party. This is disappearing with each other to put your foot in a fat, claim.

Some Bourgeois my because it go to the Left more to Cassis than to the weakening of the FDP. They wanted it to attention civil Ticino by a genehmeren free intimate exchange. Whether this left a dream, enough votes can be found, but it is uncertain.

On the CVP it comes to

Crucial with the Federal Council elections, the votes of the Christian will be Democrats. Only if you vote right closed, can succeed in the green maneuvers. But for all their differences, with the FDP, the liberals are still closer than the Green. On the other hand, even the expulsion from the Federal Council threatens them.

to Contact all previous members of the again, be the 11. December confirmed first, Ueli Maurer (68, SVP), Simonetta Sommaruga (59, SP), Alain Berset (47, SP), Guy Parmelin (59, SVP) in their Offices. The two major parties have their seats in the Dry – now the games can begin.

Three scenarios: 1. If the Greens and the green liberals (GLP) increase in October, a landslide, and the CVP claims, then the attack on Ignazio Cassis (58, FDP) is likely to be. The CVP voted – with the exception of the Ticino – is practically closed, for example, for the green Regula Rytz (57), with the help of the GLP and to the Left of the second FDP-seat way. The attempt at a free-minded tit-for-tat in the re-election of Viola Amherd (57, CVP) would be very promising, since the centre-left has a majority. The re-election of Karin Keller-Sutter (55, FDP) would later be a mere formality.

2. The Greens and the green liberals only slightly in the elections, the attack on the Cassis-seat. All Federal councillors to be confirmed in office.

3. From shipped, the CVP and the Greens, as well as the GLP, with a large distance in front of the Christian Democrats, the Argument that the CVP had a greater claim to a seat on the FDP two seats, cuts down on waste. Then the attack takes place but in the sixth passage on Amherd. Finally, you do not want to compromise Keller-Sutter in the last passage.