The super-plane PC-24 of Pilatus is the first Swiss-developed Business Jet. Was one of the First bestsellers of the Swiss Federal Council. Yesterday took him Federal President Ueli Maurer. : Pilatus boss Oscar Schwenk and Bernhard Müller from the Swiss air force.

The brand-new, so-called Pilatus Super Versatile Jet from Stans NW with the serial number 121 replaced an American business jet that was previously used for the Federal Council flights. “I am pleased that the Federal Council has chosen a Swiss product and in the future with the PC-24 – the new “Swiss Air Force One” – will travel,” says Oskar Schwenk.

This Signal is set by the Federal Council was important for his company. “I am convinced that other governments will in the future rely on the PC-24”, swivel.

The PC-24 can land on extremely short runways. He reached a maximum speed of 815 km/h, the range is 3704 kilometers. The cabin offers room for eight passengers as well as crew and Luggage. The Bundesratsjet a striking Switzerland is wearing a cross on the rear wheel and the inscription “Swiss Air Force”.

the Jet is Stationed on the airport of Bern-Belp. It is now for missions on behalf of the state government.