The Federal Council has therefore decided on Wednesday, in principle, the popular initiative “Yes to human – and animal-testing ban to reject Yes Research with impulses for security and progress” (animal testing ban initiative) without a counter – proposal.

This requires that an unconditional ban on both animal and human trials. In the Federal Constitution, animal testing should be classified as cruelty and crime. Already imported products could remain on the market. Existing or new products, for the animal testing that should be carried out, may be neither imported or exported, traded a.

The Federal Council too far, as he writes in a message. In it, he refers to have already taken measures: in 2008, stricter rules were introduced to animal testing. In 2010, the electorate voted in favour of a new constitutional article on research on humans significantly. 2014, the new human research act had come into force.

in Addition, the Federal fostering for years, Alternatives to animal experiments, writes the Federal Council. As an example, he cites last year established a competence centre to strengthen the so-called 3R principles. These have replace the goal of animal testing, animal trials, and are a burden on the animals in the experiments is less (replace, reduce and refine).

the Tests, will be permitted only if there are no Alternatives,

Nevertheless, the basic research and the examination of pharmaceutical and chemical products, until today, were dependent on animal experiments. Also the inclusion of people is sometimes necessary, if human diseases were investigated.

The Federal Council also recalled that Experiments on humans and animals are only permitted if there are no Alternatives such as computer simulations or cell models.

According to the Federal Council the adoption of the Initiative would jeopardise the supply of drugs. In addition, Switzerland could not profit due to the ban on Import of scientific developments abroad. This would involve not only drugs, but also plant protection products, chemicals or food supplements.

Already in 1992, a similar referendum

The Federal Council has failed also points out that an Import and trade ban with the international obligations of Switzerland would be compatible. The adoption of the Initiative could have negative consequences for health, research and industry in Switzerland.

The Initiative had been launched in 2017 by St. St. gall citizens. At the time, 614’581 animals for animal experiments were used. Two-thirds of the test animals were mice. The initiators are convinced that the research has today, many of the more modern methods than animal experiments.

the Initiative is Supported by about 80 organizations and businesses. Including representatives of SP and Green, as well as various animal welfare groups and animal parties. Research institutions take a stand against a ban.

It is not the first Initiative on the topic: in 1992 a submission was rejected, which is a “drastic and gradual limitation of animal experiments” would have provided. (SDA/vfc)