According to the Federal Council annually, approximately 4500 families in this Situation. Today, working parents have no other choice, than of unpaid leave to, to allow yourself to call in sick or work temporarily abandon.

According to the draft law, the Federal Council on Wednesday adopted in the future to 14 weeks of leave within 18 months can take. The failure of which would be funded through the income compensation regulations (EO). The Federal Council estimates that the cost to 74 million Swiss francs per year. An increase of the EO contribution rate is not needed.

to further facilitate the expansion of the short holiday is. Today, parents can take three days off when a child is sick or has an accident. In the future, the employer will have to pay the wage, if there are other members of the family, the partner or the life partner to take care of.

The short vacation is limited to three days per event, and ten days per year. The costs to the economy are estimated at 90 million to 150 million Swiss francs per year.

The Federal Council also wants to extend the entitlement to the AHV-care credits. This should in the future be granted in the case of a slight helplessness of the supervised Person. Today, a medium or heavy helplessness is necessary.

The cost for the OASI amounts to 1 Million Swiss francs per year. In addition, the claim would be new also in the care of the life partner or live-in partner. The condition is that for at least five years, a common budget.

Finally, the helplessness allowance and the intensive care award, the IV should be set only when a hospital stay of a child takes more than a calendar month. Today, the claim for each day will be suspended, and the child spends in the hospital.

According to the Federal Council is thereby improved, the Situation of parents of disabled children. You will have the opportunity to accompany their child during a hospital stay, without having to suffer a significant loss of income. The IV additional costs of around 2.5 million Swiss francs as a result.

The work of family carers was an important contribution for the society, writes the Federal Council. It covers a significant part of health care. The compatibility of the care of dependents and employment today is difficult.

This is not a new one. Need for legislative action has not arisen, but not the least is the fact that more and more women are in employment. The proposals of the Federal Council, arrived in the consultation process well. Only the trade Association, the employer and the SVP spoke out against this in principle.