In the Asylzoff with the Federal government, Basel is for the time being: A young Afghan whose application for Asylum has been rejected, can remain in Switzerland. Because the Canton of Basel-city refuses, the man, according to the Dublin agreement, after Austria, to exclude apes.

Now it shows: The Federal, the with do. He could be the man himself deported – even if he is the. But it would mean “a serious interference in the cantonal police jurisdiction,” explained asylum Minister Karin Keller-Sutter (55) their restraint.

Dublin requires expulsion to Austria

What is it? Basel-Stadt wants to prevent the young Afghan is A. to Austria. There the man had already made an application for Asylum, which was rejected. To which the young man tried it in Switzerland.

Bern was the case: According to the Dublin agreement should be managed the Afghan back to Austria. The Dublin agreement is to ensure that an asylum seeker can only apply for the Schengen area and it is not again and again in different European States tried.

Basel refuses

Against the decision of the Afghan rekurrierte to the Federal administrative court – unsuccessfully. The court ordered the deportation of the Afghans. So Basel was not, however, agree: The government wants to take the refugee (VIEW reported).

The reason is that In Vienna the deportation threatens him to Afghanistan, where he fears the revenge of the Taliban. He is also at risk, according to his lawyer suicide.

Keller-Sutter, Basel’s decision to not be happy, but you don’t want to grab by. Since the cooperation with Basel-city works otherwise well, is not afraid of the Federal escalation.

Basel must all of the cost

wear This A. gets open now a normal asylum procedure in Switzerland, output. It is clear, however, that it will be for Basel is an expensive thing: Because Keller-Sutter has decided to go to the Canton for all costs aufzubrummen that the Afghan caused.

“not, or only poorly, according to a Canton of its implementation obligation, without valid reasons, so the Federal government can already demand-oriented subsidies and the payment of additional subsidies to waive. The Federal government will make in the present case, use of this possibility,” writes Keller-Sutter to a request from the Basel SVP-national Council of Sebastian Frehner (45). “The Canton of Basel-city must pay for any consequential costs.”

Makes the example of the school?

Frehner has understanding for Keller-Sutter’s decision: “I understand the Federal. He would have had to use extra – cantonal police in Basel area-this could very easily lead to an escalation.”

He fears, however, that the example of Basel is now school. “Other cantons may be invoked.” To him, the Worries – because of the rule of law will be undermined. “Where are we going, if a government holds only in the law when it suits her?”