He was going to go back in any case to Croatia, said a Syrian asylum-seekers in April the Swiss authorities. Croatia is not a safe country. He had been tormented by Croatian police officers, and humiliated. The worst thing was that they had urinated in the prison on him.

the reports of The Syrian’s is not an isolated case. Since a few months, a number of international organizations, NGOs and the Council of Europe report of the special Rapporteur of serious abuses in the Croatian Asylum system.

Also, the SRF Rundschau, made in the summer of publication, such as whole groups of Refugees from Croatian officials brought systematically to the EU’s external border and illegally cross the green border to Bosnia-Herzegovina to be deported – the so-called Push-Backs.

SEM ignored the Situation in Croatia

The Federal government reports impressed a little. The state Secretariat for Migration (SEM) sends asylum-seekers under the Dublin procedure, as before without further back to Croatia.

Up to now: The Federal administrative court has refereed the SEM back. The St. Gallen judges have stopped in two cases, the Return of asylum seekers to Croatia.

The court criticized the SEM in his Judgments sharp. The Secretariat of state had merely positions on the basis of “fixed” and “standardised reasoning” about the fates of those Concerned decided. With the current Reports on Push-Backs in Croatia are not set, the SEM, however, “not apart”.

What Karin Keller-Sutter power?

Hard accusations. According to outraged SP-national councillor Samira Marti (25) is: “I expect the SEM is that it takes the NGO reports and the “Rundschau”posts seriously. It is not a question of individual cases, but systematic illegal Back created by the Croatian authorities.”

Together with SP-national councillor Mattea Meyer (31) requires that asylum Minister Karin Keller-Sutter (55) explains. “We want to know, what are the consequences of the Federal Council draws from these Judgments, and how Switzerland deal in the future with repatriation to Croatia,” said Meyer. Keller-Sutter will have to take on Monday in the national Council position.

The SEM are on demand, reserved: “court decisions are always based on individual cases,” said spokesman Daniel Bach. You’ll analyse them well and then decide. As in all Dublin States to be monitored, but also the Situation in Croatia is continuously and adapt “the asylum and removal practice, if necessary”.