The Federal accreditation service explained the rules of the inspection of the goods while purchasing online

But it turned out that not all buyers know how to buy a vacuum cleaner or microwave, as they say, “the picture”. How to avoid mistakes and safely buy a good product real manufacturer and not a fake?

With such question the correspondent “RG” asked the Federal accreditation service. This is a Federal body of Executive power appeared in our country only in 2011 by presidential decree. The Federal accreditation service is the responsibility of the Ministry of economic development of Russia.

Her main powers: accreditation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, state control over their activities. So it is better this organization no one knows how to check the “legality” of the product.

now, the Federal accreditation service advises buyers to check compliance of purchased products mandatory requirements. They are spelled out in the Declaration of conformity or certificate of conformity. They can be found on the services of the Federal service for accreditation.

so, the buyer has the right to request from the seller, and the seller shall present to buyer, upon request, information about the Declaration or the certificate on selling them products. This procedure is valid not only for the store. The same requirement applies when purchasing goods via the Internet.

the authenticity of the certificate of conformity and its status can be easily checked in the registry of certificates of conformity of the Federal service for accreditation on the link.

the Department reminds – electrical equipment and appliances (excluding means of communication – phones, smartphones, conformity with mandatory requirements is made in the form of a Declaration of conformity of means of communication) is subject to confirmation of conformity requirements of Technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union (Customs Union) “electromagnetic compatibility of technical means” (TR CU 020/2011) “On safety of low voltage equipment” (TR CU 004/2011), “On restricting the use of hazardous substances in the electrical goods and Radioelectronics” (TR EEU 037/2016).

a product that meets the requirements of technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union (Customs Union), the action of which it is subject, and passed the procedure of conformity, marked with a single mark of production circulation at the market of the Customs Union – mark “eau”.

All certificates of conformity issued in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of the EEU are subject to mandatory placement in the registry of the Federal service for accreditation

the Authenticity of the Declaration of conformity of means of communication and its status can be checked in the register of declarations of Rossvyaz by reference.

the Federal accreditation service draws the attention of citizens, under the guise of conformity certificates for products, nezobrazovat��e sellers may submit the documents issued “in the framework of voluntary certification”. When checking such documents should verify the conformity of the certificates prescribed form of confirmation of conformity of the goods. Certificates issued under the voluntary certification may have the mark “voluntary certification”, and placed in the records of the Federal service for accreditation.

the certificate may be applied to the QR-code, which contains a direct link to the certificate information in the registry. When you point the camera of mobile phone (smartphone) the QR code a buyer can go to the page of the certificate in the registry of the Federal service for accreditation (if your device contains such functionality).

the Buyer need to make sure the manufacturer’s details in the registry match the information attached to the goods or shown on the product or on its packaging. So must be the same product name, manufacturer, information about the brand. It is necessary to check the validity of the certificate register, the certificate on the day of sale must not be terminated or suspended.

Another condition for the acquisition of legal and safe products – purchase in the store included in the list of authorized sellers of the manufacturer. These stores are listed on the official website of most manufacturers.