The feat of the 6th company: how it was

About the feat of the 6th company of heroes-paratroopers of the cases study and the warriors today, the posted by VGTRK Alexander Sladkov.

Pskov cozy Russian town, where, they say, all know each other. Twenty years ago, on March 1 we received disturbing information: in Chechnya, something happened. Relatives of paratroopers of the 76th Pskov division, who were on a business trip, worried.

“I expect, not death. I just know how he is kid, how it’s prepared. You know it guys, I saw them all as on selection. And when they say that platoon, this is just terrible”, — says Sergey Kozhemyakin, the father of the Hero of Russia Dmitry Kozhemyakina.

Then he announced, killing 84 paratroopers, fighting off the attack of the two thousand fighters. Marines prepared, trained, stood to the end.

These frames are made in Pskov before the departure of the 104th regiment in Chechnya. Scouts Dmitry Kozhemyakin at the site. Dmitry Kozhemyakin calls his soldiers: Lebedev, the Khamatov. They will perish with him in the Ulus-Kert. And operator, paratrooper, shot the footage, too, will remain at the height of 776. How is it that a company of Marines fought with two thousand fighters, actually with the regiment?

In early February 2000, Grozny boiler, which turned out to militants was destroyed. Another group of fighters was in the mountains. But the supply of them was cut: on the border in Georgia, where were the reinforcements, ammunition and provisions, landed paratroopers and border guards. Militants drove into another pot. Three thousand under the command of field commander Gelaev broke into the plain. They are clamped in the village of Komsomolskoye, about two thousand killed, many were captured. Basayev and Khattab his troops, more than two thousand foreigners and Chechen fighters, led to the East, hoping to break into neighboring Dagestan. February 29, the militants came to the height of 776, and faced the 6th company of Pskov paratroopers who were only going to take this height. Began meeting engagement.

Eugene Vladykin and Alexander Sparinsky — two of the remaining six after the fight alive. They were at the height of the same route twenty years ago.

“Six or seven wounded were lying boys. See, coming at me twenty five. First thought: your. Listened — the voices not ours, not Russian. And that’s all. For a second all his life remembered,” said Vladykin.

To height-776 moved a hundred paratroopers of the 104th regiment. The solution of the staff stopped them. Moved infantry with the tanks, but was stopped by the barrier of fighters, were not. From the camp of the 108th regiment there were two groups of special troops of airborne forces. Senior Andrey Lobanov. Group spetsnaz FSB Vympel, two airborne company of the 108th regiment. Moving slowly and carefully. At the height of the battle was going.

“the Militants were offered to surrender. Shouted: “Russian, surrender!” We’re not yielded. The arms were not folded. We heard that they shouted to us: “Surrender, we will give you the way to go.” We did not react,” — says the participant of the battle novel hristolubov.

Major Alexander Dostavalov with an airborne platoon was located on a nearby height. He first led the people to the aid of the 6th corps.

“By the hill, the hill to us came to the rescue of Dostavalov with the guys. Some kind of hope that the help came that will live. But as time went on, we had less,” — said Alexander Sparinsky.

Group Andrei Lobanov of the 45th regiment special forces airborne day on March 1 has risen to the height of 776. Living at altitude had already left.

Andrei Lobanov served in the special squad of the legendary 45th special forces airborne regiment. Then in the Center of special purpose FSB, in the “alpha”. Andrew was the commander of the group, who was hurrying to the rescue of the 6-th company.

our First words were: “Damn, guys are fighting”. The sun melted everything. And then, imagine, pink the snow starts to melt pink the water goes. That is, the blood was everywhere much, lost our soldiers,” — said Lobanov.

Major Dostavalov and his Marines were killed along with the company. The militants have been at the height of 776. Carried their dead. But then did not returned to the boiler. The battle was won by the paratroopers.

Captain Viktor Romanov were killed, covering, branching wounded. The company commander major Sergey Molodov died in the first hours of the battle in the shootout. Commanded by Colonel mark Eutuchin, the battalion commander.

“the battalion commander caused the fire. The last words I remember very well: “fifty Left. Goodbye, guys!” It was his last word, there was nothing else in the air”, — says Vladislav Antipov, the Deputy commander of the 4th airborne company of the 104th regiment of the Pskov division.

many of Pskov paratroopers were families, children who had to grow up without a father. In the Ryazan airborne school learns Daria Sokolova — her father, a captain of the airborne, also died at the height of 776.

“Remember, he came from his long business trip in Yugoslavia. I’m in the garden played, could not believe my eyes that the Pope came. When you’re already at a senior age, already understand that it is not enough. Just to hug, kiss, even just to be quiet. And then the dialogue itself is somehow arbitrarily would have happened, would have asked, how are you doing”, — says Daria.

It was the last bloody battle of the war. Militants from the boiler is not released. They were caught, imprisoned, killed in battle, but as a result of special operations. Rarely used artillery and aircraft, the security forces proceeded to address the work. 6th company did our job.

twenty years after the death of the sons of their fathers and mothers arrived in Chechnya. Met them, surround with care. A huge convoy of vehicles brought parents to the outskirts of the village of Ulus-Kert, set at the foot of the height-776 worship the cross. The head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov spoke with the mothers, saying that the death of Marines — a common trouble: and Pskov and Chechnya and all over Russia.

of Course, a significant event. Here at the height of 776, and the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, and RRussian politicians, military. The orchestra which came from the County. The best honor guard. All very solemnly. Most importantly — there parents, which meets the Chechen people. This is very important.

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