That Karin Keller-Sutter (55) would be a Federal councillor, was not a question. Everything voice for the St. Galleries, the on 1. January is well underway and “service to the country”.

Now, the way PPS is shown: – the new justice is called the Minister in Bern to the office was, in the truest sense of the word meticulously planned. Nothing was left to chance. On Sunday, may 4. March 2018 led the FDP party headquarters in Bern, has a staff exercise with the Code name “Gauls” – a dress rehearsal of the election of a substitute for Johann Schneider-Ammann (66) – long before this had declared his resignation.

Everything was prepared

Under the command of General(Secretary) Samuel Lanz (35) played nine employees in a day-long Federal government elections, starting with the fictional resignation of Schneider-Ammann (66) right up to the day of the election of a substitute.

The nine group studied the processes of the election campaign, trained processes, and prepared all the documents from the assessment of Schneider-Ammann’s party, about the planning of the different sessions, up to a Gratulations-Communiqué for the selected Keller-Sutter. “The real choice we had to use only the right data,” acknowledges Lanz of Pride.

The captain in his Element

That, of all things, Lanz came up with the idea to train the Federal Council elections and to call the staff exercise (SU), not by chance: The Basler is a captain on the staff of the infantry brigade 5.

Be “fictitious” scenario for the staff exercise begins in the evening of the 10th. April 2018. Schneider-Ammann informed the FDP-President Petra Gössi (42), that he was going to announce to the Federal Council meeting the next day, his resignation. Less than a month after Doris Leuthard (55) announced her already. The CVP is already in the middle of the Nomination, two men and a woman have expressed interest.

This residue it is to catch up – and the by-election for both seats on June 6. In June, the second Wednesday of summer session.

candidates were not early fixed

Who wants to on the Ticket, know the FDP this time. However, in the screenplay, in the VIEW of insight had, is: “PPS would be interested in”. Has sorted out Lanz at this time already Gössi, group chief Beat Walti (50), the Ständeräte Andrea Caroni (38) and Thomas Hefti (59), as well as the national Council, Hugues Hiltpold (49). For all of you a place in the determination of the Commission is reserved.

And in truth and in fact, the FDP-tip knew it really been a half a year before Schneider-Ammann’s resignation, who comes for his follow-up question: At the time of Exercise Gössi with hand-picked potential candidates was confirmed, as Lanz, “including those three were really into the race”. In addition to Keller-Sutter to the Council of States, Hans Wicki (54, NW) and councillor Christian Amsler (54, SH).

Cassis-election is a “huge Stress”

And so were sanded after the exercise, especially the profiles of the candidates and the documents for the attention of and clarified by the cantonal parties. Soon, the life runs in the drawers ready – in three language versions.

the nine-team could learn from the experience that had made it to the resignation of Didier Burkhalter (58) in the summer of 2017. “In Didier Burkhalter, we had three hours of time – enough only for a minimum set of documents,” says Lanz. The short period of time have led to a “huge Stress”, should be avoided at the next election. Burkhalters successor to the Ticino Ignazio Cassis (57).

The uncertainty of a Federal Council election

“It is my task as Secretary-General, in difficult situations, to anticipate and so prepare that it gives you a little more security for all,” says Lanz. Especially in a context that is as uncertain as the Federal Council elections. Missteps by candidates, the media, and start to dig for the bodies in the basement of the contenders – all of which can throw the planned scenario of a party all of a sudden.

In the case of the Keller-Sutter, a choice, a different aspect was added, as Lanz: “We didn’t know when Johann Schneider-Ammann would resign. Only that we’re probably already in the middle of preparations for the election campaign in 2019.” That is also why the preparation was so important.

Rarely is a choice was so professional rerailed

The result could be seen: So professional yet raised not a party to a Federal Council election. Perfectly prepared Media kits in three languages, fast communication, exactly timed processes. Particularly striking was this professionalism, because in the case of the CVP for the Leuthard-succession much improvised had.

And, not least, the right choice: not to Have made it to the FDP after 30 years, to bring a woman to the Federal Council, would have suffered the progressive Image of the party, despite Boss Petra Gössi, arg. And a year before the elections.