The chance of recovery

The FCZ is emerging to an impressive six goals in the preparation, the hope is that in the case of a transfer flop Assan Ceesay of the button is up. But the best scene in the Gambiers against Lugano? He shoots in the Offside standing, completely free Goalie Noam Baumann. Otherwise, it is especially Benjamin Kololli, the sin in the chance evaluation. Zurich must hope that Kololli his fahrige “I might want to stores but still away”-shape and the new striker Mimoun Mahi and Blaz Kramer very soon to show off.


Against Lugano is beaten to the FCZ, hardly the opponent in the lead is. Under the pressure of the residue little the Team is frightening. A point, the coach Ludovic Magnin and assistant Alfons Higl criticize. Higl said this week at a GLANCE-Interview: “pressure is part of football, needs to take the team and take a stand.” Today, the pressure in Lucerne prior to the kick-off is here: The FCZ needs after the 0:4 Defeat a victory, to avoid the false start to the season.

key player

Tough for Denis Popovic: The new FCZ-control center from Slovenia do not need to work immediately otherwise the whole System will work. But Popovic against Lugano at three goals is not a good figure. The 29-year-old new arrival from the Russian League have to adapt as quickly as possible to the Super League, at the FCZ and at the team of colleagues that he will run as six-in addition to husband Simon Sohm (18) also.


Crazy how fast it is in football can go. After a good preparation and a really strong 30 minutes against Lugano Zurich loses the whole, after a weak first round in the summer break paired with a scooped up self-confidence again. The swatter to Start bringing players and Staff to Ponder. How do new self-confidence? The only way is through good results.