employees of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), the United States was involved in the attack of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Garland (Texas) in 2015. It is reported by Telegram-channel “Military observer” with reference to the channel CBS.

According to TV channel, the attack provoked an embedded FBI agent. He allegedly insisted on carrying out the action, and was also in the vicinity of the scene before and during the attack.

may 4, 2015 in Garland, two armed militants tried to attack the Convention and exhibition center, which held a demonstration of cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. On duty at the demonstration, police opened fire on the attackers. On a scene there arrived fighters of special forces, they eliminated the terrorists. The attack was the first in the U.S., for which ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Earlier, the Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) Christopher ray said that domestic extremism is a major threat to the security of the country. According to the head of the Bureau, homegrown violent extremists who are radicalized on the Internet are the greatest terrorist threat to the United States.