The FBI is investigating the use of Israeli hackers spyware

Moscow, January 31 – “News.Economy” the FBI is conducting an investigation of the role of the Israeli manufacturer spy software NSO Group Technologies in cyber attacks on American residents and businesses. The company is also suspected of collecting information on the governments, according to Reuters.

the FBI is conducting the investigation from 2017 to find out whether the NSO Group of cybercriminals some code needed to compromise smartphones. Agency sources reported, on what the alleged purpose of hacking the focus of the investigators, or at what stage is the investigation. However, the company is located in the center of attention, the Agency is trying to figure out how much was involved NSO Group in the course of certain attacks.

Recall that in August 2016 malware from the NSO Group was used to exploit three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS and remote hacking devices. In 2019 owned by Facebook WhatsApp company filed at NSO Group for providing security services to government aid in the hacking of smartphones around 1.4 thousand users worldwide, including diplomats, opposition figures, journalists and senior officials. In NSO long argued that the programs they produce cannot be used to hack the us phone numbers, although some experts on cybercrime has tried to challenge this statement.

NSO declare that they have no information about the ongoing in their relation the investigation. “None of the U.S. agencies has not asked us for any such issues,” reads the statement of the NSO. The company has not responded to additional questions regarding the conduct of its employees, however, informed the Israelis conceded that their clients from the various governments could conduct a hacker attack.

the FBI declined kommentirovatü the investigation, citing the requirements of the U.S. Department of justice.

the Providers of the hacking program may be subject to criminal prosecution in accordance with the Law on computer fraud and abuse (CFAA), or the Law on wiretapping. This is possible if the suppliers knew or were involved in the illegal use of the software, says James Baker, who headed the legal Department of the FBI until January 2018.

CFAA prohibits unauthorized access to computers and computer networks, and the Law on wiretapping prohibits illegal use of tools to listen to phone conversations and intercept text messages or e-mail.

the Developers of spyware claim that they sell their technology to law enforcement and intelligence agencies to help catch criminals and terrorists, but the reality was that the technology of these companies used to entrap activists, journalists and, most recently, to blackmail the richest man in the world – Jeff Bezos.

it is Reported that the hackers used software NSO Group, which develops software for intelligence services in the middle East and in the West. Most often on a smartphone has installed spy software Pegasus that enables you to remotely turn on the camera and microphone on your smartphone to check messages and email, to collect data about the user’s location.

Representatives Jeff Bezos said this month that the smartphone began to send large amounts of data a few hours later after Bezos received in your WhatsApp a video file sent from the account associated with crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Saudi authorities called the allegation “absurd”, and NSO has maintained his innocence in the incident. Experts in the field of security stated that they have enough information to make a determination.

the FBI also Wiesnyaet the use of NSO products for hacker attacks on representatives of the US administration or the authorities of the allied countries, and which countries could be behind these attacks, said one of the sources Reuters. Text: News.Economy