This news casts a dark shadow on the English Royal household: As “Bild am Sonntag” and the British “Globe” reports, wants to interrogate the American Federal police, FBI, Prince Andrew (59). The Royal is suspected, to have Sex with a Minor had.

The Queen was “beyond angry”, quoted a high-ranking Palace staff. You threaten to throw your son out of the Royal family, because they fear that the monarchy could not survive if the scandal will go high.

Sex with Minors is illegal in the US

the reason for the impending scandal: The investigations of American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (66), which should have led to a Sexring and is currently in custody sits. According to the indictment, the businessman should be able to traded with underage girl and forced to Sex. And one of the young women he had borrowed from Prince Andrew to have Sex “” is it in the files.

The Problem here is that Sex with Minors is a criminal Offence and is punished with up to five years in prison. Now the FBI will want to question the son of the Queen of the accusations themselves.

you have three times with Andrew slept

The Name of Prince Andrews mutmasslichem victims Virginia Giuffre (35). Epstein is said to have hired the then 15-Year-old in 1999, when she worked in Donald trump’s luxury Club “Mar-a-Lago” and towels distributed. Finally, he had conveyed them to the British Royal.

Giuffre says, you have to pressure from Epstein three Times with Prince Andrew slept for a Time in London in the year 2001 in Epstein’s New York town house in 2001 and on his private island in the Caribbean in 2002. In two Meetings she was 17 years old, the last Time already full age. As a piece of evidence your lawyer presented flight logs to prove that Andrew and Virginia sailed at the time, the same goals.

Buckingham Palace rejects, meanwhile, all of the allegations outraged: “The Duke of York never had any sexual contact with Virginia Giuffre”, it says in a Statement. Nevertheless, the two should not be entirely foreign to it: It is a picture of Prince Andrew and Virginia exists shows together in London. The Royal was then 41 years old, and Giuffre a minor.