The Playstation 4 is the favorite console of the Germans. But which games actually belong in a well-stocked Games library? We will reveal it to you!

Here are the PS4 favorite IMAGE editors come.

“Star Wars: Jedi Fall to Order”

Finally back to the exciting light dueling sword on the Playstation! Star Wars: Jedi Order Fall supplies to all Fans of the iconic space Saga pack at the end of a Solo-player Action, and plays in the time period between the films “revenge of The Sith” and “A new hope”. The Jedi Cal Kestis stops must be set after the destruction of the Jedi order against the advancing Imperial troops for the military. And that is not so easy: This game offers with its crisp degree of difficulty a real challenge. And all this without in-game purchases or Loot boxes!

The “second sister,” is rewriting a stubborn boss photo: Electronic Arts

“Days Gone”

A mixture of “The Walking Dead” and “The Last of Us” with a breeze “Far Cry”, so you can “Days Gone”. Around 60 hours of play stuck in the PS4 exclusive Story adventure with Zombie-like enemies. Despite some minor weaknesses, Days Gone “is” a Grand gaming experience. The beautiful game world, the many dynamic, game-elements, the strong narrative and the successful Bike-Simulation – here everything fits together seamlessly. Another Hit for the Playstation 4!

In “Days Gone” gets to you, it may be with all the Zombie herds to tunFoto: YOU Bend Studio