The favelas of Rio de Janeiro will take action against the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus came to Brazil together with Italian handbags and American iPhones. The first who had identified a new strain became wealthy Brazilians who can afford to travel the world. Subsequently, however, the virus was detected from those who provide the life of these people: nurses, cleaners, drivers. Gradually COVID-19 began to appear in the suburbs, but for a long time avoided the favela party.

Photo: Vitaly Belousov/RIA Novosti the CPS announced a new incubation period COVID-19

Despite the various programs that are implemented by the Federal government for decades, in many favelas, there is still no centralized water supply and Sewerage system. Against the background of high population density and lack of sanitation control by the authorities in these areas created ideal conditions for the explosive spread of viral infections.

However, a common threat requires the adoption of General measures. Coronavirus has pushed drug dealers and so called the police – the real power in the favelas – to the decision to identify with the state authorities. In many areas, as well as throughout the state, was prohibited events, closed bars and eateries. However in the favelas went a little further and imposed a curfew. At 20.00 all streets must be empty.

“Anyone caught on the street, will understand what it means to respect another”, “Whoever disobeys will be punished. Policy comes from the top. Obey, that you have not had problems”, – reads the ads that are sent to people from the favelas on social networks.

According to the health secretariats of the States, on Wednesday in Brazil was 2555 cases of coronavirus, 59 people were killed.