the Ex-midfielder of “Spartacus” and “Locomotive” the bronze prize-winner Evro-2008, Dmitry Torbinsky told the publication “Sport-Express” about his last season in FC “Yenisei” and working with Dmitry Alenichev.

In an interview with the sports newspaper Torbinski openly said that the team was strong and “Yenisei” in good circumstances would be able to avoid relegation from the RPL: “the leaders of the club and the coaching staff headed Alenichev didn’t exactly get along, to put it mildly”.

he Also warmly enough said about the former coach of the club, but remembered his mistakes: “About Alenicheva nothing bad can not say. Training and his interest, Spartacus, all with the ball. Loyal. Realizing that guys need to recover after a hard flight, was given an extra day off. Of course, mistakes happened. The coaching staff made a big bet. And they are not pulled. Because of this, the team lost a bunch of points. At the same time to hang on Alenicheva all the dogs incorrectly. The departure of “Enisey” and blame the coaches and the players and management”.

From the Krasnoyarsk club Dmitri Torbinski left in the spring of 2019 and ended his career. Now a former football player living in Miami. In the US it was attracted by the climate and the quality of the products.