for Months, the Ex-“GZSZ”-actress Jasmin Tawil (37) was nowhere to be found, now she is back: she has become a mother! “When the luck hits you,” she writes to the Instagram image that shows with the Baby on the beach. Already on 18. June 2019, the child came with the name Ocean Malik to the world, as reported by RTL. Father of the Little was a Brazilian musician. And even Tawils father, Michael Weber (59), who investigated several times in public after his daughter, knew about the Baby News to know.

in the Meantime, he is with his daughter again in contact, as he confirmed to “image”. Only a few days after his call for help, and his announcement to want to hire a private detective, he learned that he is grandpa. “I am very pleased and I am glad that has solved the Situation between Jasmine and me.”

Jasmin Tawil and her father work together

the ratio of the two was relaxed again. Previously there was a conflict, because Weber found that the now ex-girlfriend of marriage would not do to Adel Tawil (41) his daughter. Now the father and daughter work together even. “I’ll see to your Affairs. There are several TV-projects and a book deal are,” he explains.

Since may, Jasmin Tawil was missing. Her father reported at the time in a variety of media and asked for help to find his daughter. “I’m a lot of thought, and must somehow find out where she is. I would have been satisfied if she gives a sign of life. It’s doing well … and if you don’t want to say where she is, that is okay. The main thing, she says,” he said to the magazine “Bunte”. (imh)