Celebrities, Meghan Markle (38) and her husband, Harry (35), which can be any time, or the father, Thomas Markle (75) has something to say about it. Now, let’s see now, the couple has just moved to Los Angeles, the late Thomas said in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mirror.

even Though they are for a quieter life in the North of north America, and seem to the family members and Harry, and Meghan for them, that peace will not be awarded. With their recent move to Los Angeles, it makes the tongue very loosely. Especially Meghans father, Thomas, could not do. Even though Meghan is now ‘only’ 250 miles away from him live, he will find that they are a bad decision.

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“I think that Meghan and Harry back to the royal family of the United Kingdom, and the world should support”, he noted in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mirror. “I think they are in England and not in Los Angeles, california. I’m a real proponent of that, they have to go back to the royal family. They are, of course, the A-list crowd and then add quite a lot of money when the virus has passed. But they will never be the same, respect them as full-fledged members of the royal family to turn down.”


Thomas, is hoping to get his daughter, and the pandemic is in the back of my mind – let’s focus on what’s really important in life. Contact him / her, for example, for a retired American to walk because of a heart condition at greater risk. “I’m in the category of high risk, and I can see that there are a number of the young people affected,” he said. “If I do something to Harry, and Meghan was able to say was that life is too short. I would tell them to be careful and that I love. Now, you need to think about what is truly important in life, which is too short and unpredictable. We must, ourselves, might be to physically isolate it, but there is no reason at all for you on a personal level, and to isolate it.”

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