He was about ten years of being her guardian, now father Jamie Spears (67) gives the responsibility for his daughter Britney, at least as regards the Official. In addition, it was determined by the court in Los Angeles, a new guardian: Britney Spears’ long-time assistant Jodi Montgomery will take over the task temporarily, you should be accorded the same rights which previously the father had. It is also a communication with the treating Physicians of the pop star. For the financial Affairs dad Jamie stays in accordance with the US Portal “TMZ” is still in charge.

Britney Spears has suffered for years from mental problems and spent time in clinics. The images went around the world, as the singer was admitted twelve years ago, under the siren’s howl and the lightning introduced. Allegedly, they had tried to harm yourself. The Doctors diagnosed a bipolar disorder. Later on, Spears announced that she suffer from the attention disorder ADHD. It was the low point of the Pop Princess.

drugs, parties, and bald

As a 17-Year-old stormed Spears in the school girl Look in “… Baby One More Time” up the Charts, Hits like “Oops! … I Did It Again” followed. With the innocent Glamour it was over but quickly, the Image crumbled: two failed marriages, one of which only 55 hours held, drug rumors, parties without panties, and finally, the public shave to bald in front of the eyes of the Public.

Britney Spears’ private protection was appointed father Jamie that’s why in 2008 by a court to the guardian. He was for their finances, health and performances responsible. About a further marriage should be prevented, that you are squandering your assets or careless Decisions are made–.

Violent Grandfather

To Change the guardianship comes now, due to allegations of Britney’s Ex-husband Kevin Federline (41). With him, Britney has two sons, Sean (13) and Jayden (12), they grow for the most part with the father. According to Federline’s grandfather, Jamie should be compared to his older grandson Sean’s hands become. He was shaken violently, and a door kicked in – not to injury it. The incident to the 24 on the evening of. August have occurred, Federline has filed a complaint. According to U.S. media investigations against Jamie Spears to run, currently he is not allowed to see his grandchildren.

Despite the new guardian Britney Spears would one day stand again on its own two feet. This hope has not abandoned the American. Perseverance and discipline she has, anyway. They are still in their stage shows.