July 27, 1953, 67 years ago, ended the Korean war. The people of North Korea the party and the government quickly explained that he was a people — winner. Although the reality suggests otherwise, the North Koreans still believe in it. It is very convenient and is practiced throughout the world: to choose the right point of view and to turn the war — in peace, freedom slavery, and ignorance is in force. Us to North Korean isn’t perfect yet. But last week we tried…

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed the week of the fateful decree. This is his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov explained to us that the decree is crucial. It’s hard to say what is the account crucial… But it sounds good, loud, light are given. They gave these, in the sense of the fulfillment of the national goals in the decree, however, moved away from 2024 to 2030. Again, according to the decree we no longer strive in the five economies, double the reduction of poverty is also deferred for 10 years. Well, here’s a lame fate. However, provision for the increase in “life expectancy” to 78 years. Poskromnichal. “Expected” life expectancy can be absolutely any from the ceiling to take, at least 146 years. Well, when it does not, adjust something “crucial”. To explain arenaviruses another some, “adverse economic situation”, suddenly occurred in December in the winter… But not a fatal mismatch of the claimed goals (the welfare of the people) the country’s economic model (wild capitalism). We are accustomed to. Here in the last week Vladimir Putin announced a historic chance to solve housing problems. And the last four banks of dozens of major “food” announced the increase in the minimum payment on the mortgage. It’s the bloody tyrant would be sabotage, but now is completely legitimate on the part of the bankers a way to proactively avoid a decrease in income.

speaking of income. During the week, the Central Bank said in July the share of citizens who started to spend savings, peaked in the last four months. And even without savings live now 46% of Russians spent during the isolation all that was. But it is possible to find a positive moment — officially the second wave of the coronavirus will not be exact. Will be a seasonal rise in the incidence of all sorts of infections. The chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health of Russia Vladimir closets and said, “it is not Correct to speak about the second wave, and about a possible rise in the incidence during seasonal increase of acute respiratory diseases.” So flu, SARS and other diagnoses will be, and all sorts of Comedy is not very much. Do not stand the citizens of the second wave, sink will. And since the rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning, that these hands do not know what to reach. Not all the savings ran out. Some grew up.

during the week “Forbes” presented the list of Russian billionaires who got rich during the pandemic coronavirus. Since mid-March, their combined wealth increased by $70,73 billion became the Leader investor Leonid Boguslavsky — its revenues grew by 88%, from $1.5 billion to $2.8 billion.

But what is there to wonder. There is the world of stock, we also have the world share. Potatoes to share, chicken feet… In the world of grocery discounters have a problem to intercept a thousand to paycheck, and on top, a 100 billion there, 100 billion over here, so, plus or minus. Putin in the week was talking with a top Manager of Gazprom Neft. And no problems from it “beat out” an extra $ 100 billion. The President said that the modernization of the Moscow refinery is planned to spend 350 billion rubles. A top Manager of the Dukes, in his report said, as, most likely, was originally planned 250 billion. But he is a top Manager, that immediately realized and corrected himself. And Putin is so affectionately: “You do not go to Orient, not from what I said 350 billion, you decided to add a hundred, no?” And the Dukes: “No, what you are.” And they all laughed.

reservations for the week was a lot of fun. For example, Valentina Matvienko said that the damages for the accident in Norilsk can be recovered from the personal assets of shareholders or from other sources, but not from income tax. That is, the idea was discussed, or what? Like, once the enterprise income tax pays from it, dear, the state, money and grab-drenched Solarium tundra? Fiction, Yes?

the Good news is that we were allowed to fly abroad. Commoners in Turkey aesthetes in Tanzania, and the elite in London. However, the last could not to worry. Border on the lock, but who should have the keys.

speaking of flights. Russia recently sent a truck to the ISS. We were told that this is a new record for the Russian space industry — “Progress” reached the station in 3 hours 18 minutes. Well, Yes, record. If you do not notice that this week, China sent a mission to Mars. Yes, even the United Arab Emirates has sent to Mars my first camera. And our “Phobos-grunt” a few years ago burned up in Earth’s atmosphere. Even on orbit failed.

Sorry, the magazine “Korea” now do not get it. This is where it all too well.