Legendary band from the ‘ 90s almost always brightly lit, it seemed that the starving people after the restructuring is willing to listen and watch anything. However, it is not so, most of our artists of those years had professional training, trying, though not skillfully draw inspiration from videos and music from international stars. But why now most of the bands of the ‘ 90s broke up? As was the fate of those who stood at the origins of the Russian show-business?

gone with the wind

Remember the song “Cocoa Cocoa” and “Cup of coffee” performed by Marina Khlebnikova? Both songs were written by Dmitry Chizhov, Calvin Harris began his career in the ’80s and’ 90s became one of the best composers and poets of Russia. It Chizhov has created a unique group of “gone with the wind” together with ex-wife Tanya Morozova. A simple tune of “Cocoa, cocoa, Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko Cacao, cocoa, Ko-Ko-Ko-Ko…” dwelt in the souls of Russians, each of iron sounded either Khlebnikov with the “Cup” or Morozov with “Cocoa”. “MK” contacted Dmitry, the composer told us the secret why the hits and the success I could not keep.

– Tanya parted without a quarrel, calmly. Officially divorced in 2003, but continued occasionally to speak, to lose one so it’s not like, ‘ began Dimitri. Today Tanya sometimes goes on tour, as a group of “gone with the wind” sometimes as “Tanya Morozova”. Continues to sing the old hits, but new in the repertoire is also”

– How did you establish your personal destiny?

– Completely gone from the group. I new he recorded all the hits he wrote for others in the 90s.

– are You touring?

– of Course, went to the epidemic as a solo artist, well, of course, in the discos, adherents of the ’80s-‘ 90s. It was not easy to start from scratch, but somehow it went, people remember and love.

Why in the 90s You could not become a solo artist?

for Example, a man is a true artist, I totally relate to it. I wrote him the vocals, he is really a singer from God. He has his good voice, unfortunately I have no voice. And then… If you recall, initially, the group “gone with the wind” successfully toured, we went to all the cities, the scale played is from 1998 to 2001. And then, by the end of the 90s, became popular girl groups. Because there are so many corporate events, simple artists, not the greatest, in the 90s, life was difficult, they weren’t needed. Because all the music is left to the producers, all the speeches went to corporate but there was needed “virgins”. Sometimes even with an education (laughs), “Brilliant”, “Arrows”, “Podium”, then “VIA Gra” at the time, was at the peak of popularity. Because they ordered, they wanted. So I was invited to “gone with the wind” more girls to Tanya, and he left for homework. I changed the oldsecond life, became an Orthodox Christian. All day sitting at home, doing songs for the girls. Any person looking for the meaning of life. I have always been very interested in, first listened to horoscopes, but realized that it was all a hoax. Only then I realized that the smartest thing in the world – Christianity, on the one hand complicated and on the other simple. Not-you do not think that I’m weird (laughs), with straw in his beard do not go, not a fanatic! In Christianity most people are very educated, intelligent person.

– today you have concerts?

– what you’re doing now – performances in small towns. The two-hour concert work alone, but people really like it. As I began just now, is not so simple, will not know where to go. But I, frankly, more like a concert work for ordinary people. If you trace the path of show business from the 90s to our days, we can see some trends.

Concerts, for example, we have in principle was not, as a class. Just like Allegrova could gather a crowd. You know why? Allegrova traveled around the country, she was “his” for women of Russia, it seems to be spoken of in song: “I’m just like you!” to all women. There had been deceived, deserted, as well as ordinary women, so it is loved, came out to the shows. But in “Gone with the wind” rather “Trali – Vali” – entertainment format of the songs was. You listen, then all the groups songs wore entertaining. Sometimes even the melody is not changed, the motive remained the same. Then it came to the people, but what can I say, I think music from the 90s returns.

Women’s teams

what happened with the “girls” from those same groups for corporate events? We honestly tried to find at least one “star” of the 90’s, which is in demand today. For example, Yulia Beretta from “Shooter” told us that she had a wonderful, eventful life. However, a wide audience is known to Julia, rather, to look at, but according to her, is implementing many projects, and group “Arrows” for her for a long time in the past.

“Oh, I’m not going to talk about the group “Arrows”, has many times talked about it! Check out my earlier interview! said Beretta. It is so boring to remember! Firstly my current work, there are many interesting”

after Examining the “new creation” Yulia, we did not find anything new. Honestly, almost any song or clip your Beretta is very reminiscent of the hit “Arrow” – “You left me”. Again, tears and the search for truth, the separation, sacrifice for love… But after the “Shooter” Julia was in the movie, but so far the most memorable role she had in the TV series about prostitutes “Cursed Paradise”.

Girls of “Brilliant” for odinochki�� are unable fully to achieve recognition from the people. Most of the singers of the band threw himself into the family, was married, had offspring, the other – Anna Semenovich or Olga Orlova in our days, perhaps, just celebrities, but not artist of the scene.

the Only exception to the “Brilliant” was Zhanna Friske, which is really brightly ignited: film work, filming a talk show, hit after hit, the first rankings among the sexiest women in the country. The success of Joan came as a surprise to show business. However, career is not tantamount to a happy life. Singer burned in a matter of months, a disappointing diagnosis – glioblastoma – destroyed everything you worked so hard for Friske. The actress struggled until the last days, but the tumor was stronger: the singer died on June 15, 2015 with family. To this day fans of the “Brilliant” admit that without Friske and the team at the time, ceased to exist.

We tried to contact one of ex-soloist of the “Brilliant” Ksenia Novikova.

“the Group “Brilliant” exists and gives concerts”, – said Novikov.

Popular and need no PR

what is with the male groups from the 90s?

oddly enough, everything here is better. “Dirty rotten scoundrels” the ones who sang “Girls are different-black, white, red. But all the same I want something to bother”, to this day exist.

– So everything is fine with them since 1996! However, in the group only two people left: Sergey Amoralov and Vyacheslav Zinurov, – said the Director of the group. – Why not see them?! Neither on TV nor on YouTube? They fundamentally do not want it public relations is not needed. So everything is fine with the performances.”

Almost every band has a hit song, perhaps titled “the Rock Island”, few will remember what songs the guys have in the Arsenal. However, one track I remember all the boys and girls of the ‘ 90s “don’t say Anything. It burns the fire of love. You in my eyes don’t look, don’t say anything.”

Soloist and founder of the group “Rock Island” Vladimir Zakharov told why despite the hits to become Mega famous in Russia they have up to the end did not work.

“We are absolutely not interesting to those who are in charge of show business. And the people love us, people are writing to us: your songs are about life, you – a brilliant, all super. Sometimes fans are offended that we never see on TV – says Vladimir. But even despite this, oddly enough, loves us and young people. I look at concerts: a lot of young people. Don’t know how they get there (laughs) where they know us”.

– Maybe from the Internet?

– Probably some had been taught by parents and others, apparently, through the Internet found out about us. We died as a group. We exist, every year we produced a new andlibamu. Songs I have a lot, we shoot videos, develop. All network fill. We have a good truthful music. Oh, and at concerts I always sing live, the voice I have.

Do never lip-synched, not performed?

– I suffered three years ago throat, but then it was gone. I’d rather probably than sing under the plywood. Under the plywood to sing a hell of a job! To move your lips and try to get under his song is not a simple matter.

the Band left the band?

– “Rock Island” is me. Of course, there were other musicians, many of them had changed, the load heavy – tired. Everyone who was in the first part, long since left the team.

Young artists do you like?

– I’m from new artists don’t listen to anyone, to me it’s not interesting. Don’t see the point. I started back in the ‘ 80s, he worked as a DJ at the disco was very cool! I do like dance music, I can’t help myself. We are often criticized that the “Rock Island” – it’s pop! Yes, and let. The fact that my fans don’t care what genre I sing. As fans say, “just sing!”