Today, the exchange price of gasoline AI-95 has updated the record at the auction of the Saint-Petersburg international Mercantile exchange, reaching 58,445 thousand rubles per ton. This happens for the third time for the current week. The price has risen and other fuels.

the Increase in gasoline prices in the FAS called “minor” and explained the country’s withdrawal from the regime of self-isolation and the active use of private vehicles.

“For a short period of time, the demand greatly exceeded the supply. But now he’s stabilized,” commented the head of Department of regulation of fuel and energy complex and chemical industry FAS Armen Khanyan. He said that FAS monitors the situation on a daily basis, regularly Exchange committees and jointly with the Ministry of energy and market participants are looking for solutions to this problem.

At the same retail price increases within inflation, price spikes are observed. “According to our forecasts, will soon offer gasoline on the market will get a boost and will eventually catch up with demand. Currently, there is no reason for concern,” said Hanyang