The far Eastern Prosecutor's office began an investigation after a fire on a trawler

the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office organized a check on the fact of fire on the fishing ship “Vostok-2”. The fire occurred at night. The fire was in the shop of the fish factory. All 23 crew members were evacuated, nobody was hurt.

the incident occurred March 24. In the Okhotsk sea near the village of Oktyabrsky on the Kamchatka Peninsula there was a fire on the trawler. The ship assigned to the port of Vladivostok and owned by JSC “Fishing collective farm “Vostok-1”. On Board were 23 people, “Vesti Primore”.

the Primorsky transport Prosecutor requested to check the legality of the activities of the shipowner. In particular, it is necessary to find out the suitability of “Vostok-2” for navigation, availability of rescue funds, the composition and qualifications of the crew, the safety management system, as well as the timeliness of making distress signals.

the far Eastern transport Prosecutor’s office will monitor the progress and results of the validation.

Text: GTRK “Vladivostok”