the Younger sister of TV star Kim Kardashian West, khloé shared a new snapshot and surprised fans with their appearance. Photo appeared on her Instagram account.

posted a black-and-white shot she poses with her mother Kris Jenner with her long hair. “My Queen”, signed post Kardashian.

Subscribers of the star didn’t recognize her on the published photo and accused the Kardashian that her face became unrecognizable due to plastic surgery. “What happened to your cheeks, Chloe?”, “You look completely different in the last few pictures, what happened?”, “What have you done to your face?”, “If your sick of fillers in the cheeks?” — spoken fans.

In July, fans of the Khloe Kardashian didn’t recognize the star in the picture and caught her in plastic. She was photographed on the background of the sea in a leather mini-skirt, hoodie brand Talentless and Yeezy sneakers. Netizens criticized Chloe in the comments below the post.