The famous Iguazu falls significantly lower

One of the seven natural wonders of the world – Iguazu falls – will remain without water until may. From the beginning of April in the iguaçu river there is a record low since 2006, the water level, which weakened the power of the natural flow. Usual rate of 1.5 thousand cubic meters of water per second dropped to 280.

The largest and most powerful cascade "devil’s Throat" of falling from a height of 82 meters, which previously could not be approached, in order not to get wet, now calmly carries its waters down. This was told by the Park Manager Iguazu Sergio Acosta.

"the water Level is still very low. Forecasts for rain in the area of the river in Brazil indicate possible changes in may," – stuffed Acosta was quoted by RIA Novosti.

Cascade of waterfalls divides Brazil and Argentina. Both countries have declared the surrounding area a national parks and even called them the same – "Iguazu". It is a network of 275 channels, rapids, waterfalls and canyons.