Relatives of a young 16-year-old actor newsreel “jumble” Ivan Revyakin told the journalists that are forced to endure threats from residents who stand in defense of the accused in the murder of a young man. We will remind, the crime occurred in Volgograd in late January of this year. Revyakin, together with his brother was home from College. On the street between the actor and the bystanders there was a skirmish. During the conflict, the man took out a knife and slashed at Ivan’s throat. He was killed instantly.

The massacre of the promising actor excited the public. Many demanded severely punish the murderer rising star.

Although there were those who supported him, declaring that the alleged Ivan himself provoked the conflict.

Now the family regularly received threats. According to aunt Ivan Revyakin Svetlana, the opinions of the inhabitants of the city were divided.

“Defenders of the murderers in the city a lot. These same advocates are very strongly expressed their dissatisfaction, sending threats against our family,” shared with “StarHit” Svetlana.

Note that Ivan Revyakin was brought up mainly by their aunt and grandmother. The mother he never had, and his father was regularly out of town for work. As for the high-profile murders, the trial of the accused on 29 July. The defendant faces up to 15 years of imprisonment.

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