There’s still someone who doesn’t take the climate youth for full? What can trigger a organic movement, shows that the fate of the GDR.

The self-proclaimed workers and peasants state, covering three quarters of the energy demand from lignite, according to dick, the air in the cities. Agriculture and landfills, poisoning the water. All of this brought up in the 1980s, more and more people to organize into environmental groups. This was the beginning of the protest movement, which was the beginning of the end of the GDR.

Or as it is on the Internet portal of the German Federal government: “The wall fell because of the environmental movement.”

The Berlin wall fell on 9. November 1989. The date marked a turning point, the positive consequences of which can not emphasize this enough. 30 years later, the shadow sides of 1989 to emerge now, but always clear.

In the latest issue of the Sunday, we focus on the crisis at the SBB. We focus on the partial privatisation of state development aid. And we are addressing the presidency of Donald Trump. So this topics are different – each individual is in the Echo chamber of the wall.

1989 was the year of political and social Opening. In addition, a new understanding of economic freedoms seemed to On 9. November 1989, the Era of neoliberalism started.

A prominent leader of this ideology in Germany David de Pury, President of the FIG, and co-author of the 1995 publication of “white paper” to the economy. De Pury called for, among other things, the privatisation of the SBB. It did not come though. However, the SBB was transformed into a special legal AG. With the Board of Directors and the CEO, all the economic Thinking is required.

Certainly, The SBB have made in the last twenty years in much forward. The Wear marks can not be denied. The Management had only efficiency and profitability in mind, neglected the personnel, infrastructure, and hence us customers. Earlier this week, SBB-top self-admitted publicly to have systematically miss the economy operated.

In a completely different magnitude States, such as France, the UK or the USA have parts of your infrastructure loops. In the age of neoliberalism, large financial and economic metropolises thrive. The rest of the regions feel, however, of the future increasingly excluded. The frustration manifests itself in the protests of the yellow West, Brexit and the popularity of the people haters, Donald Trump.

the climate of youth is a call to the politicians to take more responsibility. Not to leave the foundations of our living together just of the economy.

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, neoliberalism pushes, in turn, limits. 9. November 2019 is a good date to go over the books.