On Sunday chooses to Austria – and for Sebastian Kurz (33) looks good to me. The elections of the young Ex is likely to become Chancellor, his ÖVP is still in the survey. Ibiza-Video, government crisis, and opting out doesn’t hurt, apparently.

However, in Spite of the Short’ great popularity, it’s not enough for the absolute majority. Current surveys, the ÖVP seen in 34 to 36% (2017: 31.5 percent).

As you continue in Austria? A VIEW is defined, the four main issues for the election.

What are the options Short?

Theoretically, he has free choice. Both the SPÖ (with the Short actually does not want to), as well as with the FPÖ (the Short’ government crashed the Ibiza Video in the crisis), it is enough locker for a coalition. Or, he dares something New: A triple Alliance with the Greens and the liberal Neos. The Austrian bookmaker allow all three possibilities have similar opportunities.

Comes Short again with the FPÖ to bed?

The coalition with the right-wing populists was after the last election contested, the Ibiza affair to H. C. Strache (50) also moved Briefly into the swamp. However, he has not ruled out cooperation with the party of the extreme right-wing party leader and Ex-Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl (50). Two conditions found in the Short but already: He would make no FPÖler to the Minister of the interior and Kickl have no place in the Cabinet.

How does the FPÖ after the Ibiza affair?

The voters have forgotten the secretly wound Ibiza-Video, Ex-Vice-Chancellor Strache of an alleged Oligarch government contracts in exchange for campaign aid promises, practically.

surveys of the party to prophesy to the 20 percent (in 2017: 26%). However, the expense, the affair that rocked currently the party. You could have an impact on the election – and the majority again clearly in favor of Short and ÖVP turn.

What is the purpose of the expenses affair?

Ex-Vice-Chancellor Strache is alleged to have also private purchases, such as clothes, rent and co., on the FPÖ-party Fund charged. An anonymous display in front of the Prosecutor’s office has started investigations. And Straches wife Philippa (32) to have been engaged in the affair, and the party coffers have benefited.