the worst – case scenario for all computer users: The most beautiful holiday photos, memories of the silver wedding of the parents, or important documents and certificates-is the way of everything! Due to a data breach at a Cloud storage service.

the giant Swisscom happen when the storage service MyCloud of the Telecom. A programming error led to the deletion of the personal data of several Hundred users. The brought yesterday, the “Tages-Anzeiger” to light. Even if the incident goes back to the year 2018, the trust in the Cloud storage and Swisscom – is pretty bad.

Not the first breakdown

Also in the case of Telecom experts such as Ralf Beyeler (40) from the comparison service money Park. “The data breach is not surprising. Swisscom spits, each big sounds and stresses how remarkably well it works and how much “Swissness” in there”, goes Beyeler with the Telecom giant hard in the court.

Since this is the second major data breach at Swisscom within a short space of time. So the Telekom has established a company by the end of 2017, the data of 800’000 private clients – names, addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers – were to fall into the wrong hands.

Swisscom does not protect, therefore, against damage. “An error has surprised me. A data loss can unfortunately always happen,” explains Martin Steiger (40), a lawyer and expert on IT law.

After all, The Telecom giant is aware of its responsibility and also to be partially aggressive Advertise safety and Swissness. At the request of GLANCE, it means: “It is true, Swissness, reliability and highest availability of our services are very important to us, and are part of core of Swisscom.” Swisscom is the large scope of the incident aware of – and promises improvement: “We have taken all measures to ensure that such an incident occurs in the future.”

A programming error with big consequences

passes in Spite of this asseveration of the Swisscom lawyer Steiger advises: “To be a Backup, an additional storage of the data, no way. As a rule of thumb: never on only one provider or location to leave.” Because, as Beyeler added: “the data are never in any provider 100 percent sure.”

not Even the industry giants Amazon, Google, or Dropbox, which many Swiss consumers have stored their data in the Cloud. “Cloud storage are relatively simple, but with just a few lines of incorrect programming Code can cause significant damage,” explains Beyeler.

That was in the case of Swisscom, the case: In the case of Work to optimize memory usage, files from MyCloud had been accounts accidentally in the area of the storage system for permanent Deletion moved, writes Swisscom. The error incurred in the internal development of a Software component. So a programming error.

For the Cloud specialists Zoltán Majó (36) of the Zurich-based IT company Ergon Swisscom-breakdown comes as a surprise. He also expected a high level of fail-safety from the MyCloud service. The fail-safe operation of Cloud services need a comprehensive infrastructure and a lot of experience, there Majó to concerns, and points to another factor – the pace-building: “Swisscom’s MyCloud has only been around for almost four years. As a comparison, Amazon’s storage service S3 was launched more than ten years ago.”

Rather too much than too little

do not back up all potential dangers in the Cloud, to home, the data is completely safe, even here, you can at any time lead to a failed manipulation of data loss – and it was only on the Laptop, poured a Cup of coffee. Therefore, Steiger is to keep in mind are: “a good data provider, the data is safer than on your own hard drive.”

Beyeler, even proposes a three-fold backup, to minimize the risk: “A solution may be to store the data in Cloud services, and to use two external hard drives. One of them should be stored in a different place.”

that Sounds pretty complicated. But how would it be the one or other photo or important document, time to print, in order to increase an analog storage method, security in the digital world even more?