The experts proposed to expand the number of firms eligible for a deferment on loans

“Because in this case the debt is not increasing, then such a delay can be a real support. However, who exactly was in the “difficult situation” to be, as can be seen from the published documents of the government, – said Maxim Smooth-Rodionov. – This means that not all of the dying will receive such assistance.

for Example, tour companies, catering establishments already recognized as victims. And those companies that provide services and sell products – no. Although it’s not easier. They have exactly the same falling revenues, they are experiencing exactly the same problem”.

interest-free loans to pay salaries will start to give next week

he Also notes that among the support measures were announced one that caused a real enthusiasm for small business is the decrease in the value of contributions from payroll in half, from 30 to 15 percent. “If this measure is implemented, and indeed with the future in sight, as the President said, she will be a real help to small businesses”, he said.

the Lawyer Bureau “Sikaylo, Romakhova and partners” Alexey Sikaylo agreed that the reduction of contributions from payroll up to 15% – almost revolutionary measure. “By the way, I admit that the passage of bills related to business support, through the Duma will now be greatly accelerated, – says Alexey Sikaylo. – In this business we must unite to bring relevant information to the authorities. Need to work together. Especially now that it is clearly visible a request for constructive cooperation by many government agencies”.