Academician, Professor Felix Yershov told how not to get infected by coronavirus infection through water and food because the virus spreads not only through airborne droplets.

“There is such a component… It’s all the fecal-oral route of infection. Can’t say how he’s important, but the danger is,” – said Yershov live on NSN.

the Doctor noted that classical methods will be most effective for protection against infection by any viruses. He recalled that “any housewife knows” as a heat treatment kills viruses.

Specialist recommended to boil water and not to drink from questionable sources. According to him, water should be purified by boiling or filtering.

Also, be sure to wash your hands after using the toilet and supervise children to comply with hygiene.

“the Most difficult question of food. They also need good clean, not to use stale, if possible, conduct thermal processing,” – said Yershov.