Attempts to understate the role of the USSR in the Second world war made in the name of political interests, but no doubt that the Soviet Union was the main force that defeated Nazi Germany, said the Director of the Center for the study of the Slavic world of the National University of San Martin, a specialist in social and political history of Russia Claudio Sergio Ingerflom.

“Attempts to understate the role of the Soviet Union in the Second world war is unclear. It is obvious that this is done in the name of political interests,” he said and wondered: “Where we’ve been, if not for the Red Army?”.

According to experts, Europe has not overcome yet the nationalism that surprising. He referred to a previously published article by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Second world war, adding that it was stated that “the problem is still not resolved” in Europe.

Ingerflom reminded that the love of his people can surpass the love for the Motherland, when there is a desire to make his people a cleaner and safer workplace, unclean.

“Nationalism always leads to war. It was one of the components of Nazism, along with racism. Anti-Semitism, nationalism and racism was the ideological weapon of Hitler. And it is necessary to emphasize, because nationalism is dangerous not only for Europe”, – said the expert.

a Specialist in social and political history of Russia has paid attention that Russia has never provoked wars in other continents and transatlantic wars. The historian noted that in the wars with Sweden and Turkey, in the war against Napoleon, Russia had defended his people and “did not conquer other countries.” As concluded by Ingerflom, our country has no such path, as in England, France, Belgium or the United States.