Expert magazine “Behind the wheel” Kirill Mileshkin listed signs of impending carjacking. According to experts, before you commit the crime, the criminals try to “feel” the car of a potential victim.

Mileshkin told that the hijackers can call the owner and find out how the protected machine. If the owner had previously posted an ad to sell cars on the Internet, the task of criminals easier.

outside the box triggered the alarm should also alert the owner. “Setting or disarming is not the first time, any deviation from the usual way can testify that the car overtures,” — said RIA Novosti expert. However, sometimes this can be a normal “glitch” electronica.

Another symptom of talking — if the car is suddenly unlocked. In this case, the potential hijackers tried to find the weak points of the car, or someone got spooked before he could bring the case to the end. Bent axles, damaged cylinder locks, the slits in unexpected places also talking about hacking attempts.

Attackers can go on acting tricks, such as use of false requests for assistance. After all, unattended machine — easy prey, warned Mileshkin.

Another reason for concern can become a “label” on the parked cars: for example, a pamphlet under my windshield wiper or in the gap of a door or branch of the body. Thus, the hijackers check whether the owner of their property.