Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that Russia will begin talks with several countries about the resumption of flights, suspended by the government from March 27. It is proposed to restore the flights, starting from 15 July. Why this date? Where does this number come from and how real is it for the “MK” estimated lead Aviaexport.

recall that in early summer, the Federal air transport Agency and the CPS took the decision to resume flights in two stages, starting from July 15. Although at the time of the Russian airlines at the same time a ban on the arrival of foreigners in Russia until 1 August. Experts said that it would be strange to hope for the possibility of flights of Russian citizens abroad with the existence of the ban on entry into our country of foreigners. In international air transport, as a rule, traffic is generated on a parity basis.

Then, in early June, it was determined that by 8 July, the CPS should provide a list of countries with the most favorable situation for COVID-19, where the Russians will be allowed to go. July 8, Rospotrebnadzor sent to the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency a letter with permission to open flights to nine European countries: Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Hungary, UK and Finland. And four Asian – China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Mongolia. All these countries were selected based on the positive situation for the coronavirus.

However, this document may be viewed as a statement of intent, but not a real possession, as the bounds for the flights in Europe are not open yet even among members of the European Union, not to mention Russia.

So what about this situation “MK” said a leading Aviaexport Roman Gusarov:

-That’s strange… they All say say, say you need to resume the message. Even a letter of the CPS is, which lists the countries in which the Russians is secure. However, among these countries is not such that they would like to see Russians at home. This is the problem.

the letter lists the countries that Russians do not admit to ourselves, as we still have 5 thousand cases a day. They think it’s a lot. So far we never expected. So what then to speak?

And it’s not just Europe. China closes more and more. He even announced that another week suspends air links with Moscow. Even Sheremetyevo States that only 27 of July will be able to open its international terminal. Only Domodedovo yesterday reported on the readiness.

So far, it’s not serious – just talk. There is an international message, if the world health organization recently issued a statement that Russia coronavirus bad, he relaxed.

against this background, to expect ��what kind kind of regular international flights before. Although, I must admit that, for example, Turkey is waiting for us very much. But in Turkey, we’re not sure just yet. They have more recently by COVID-19 was still bad, and then immediately recovered, and claim that they are all gorgeous, come to us to relax. It is clear that they are hiding the problem, as they money for the summer need to earn.

Just what it will result us? We perfectly understand that if people family for 100 thousand will go to rest in Turkey, then our government for every ill in this family will have to spend 200 thousand. It is this minimum amount we have spent in hospitals per coronavirus patient. So if some flights and will start either 15th July or 1st of August, then it will all be isolated, fragmented and long.


Negotiations on opening of air links, which intends to lead the Russian side, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, will depend on the incidence of COVID-19 in the whole country. The calculation for the last 14 days should consider three criteria: the number of cases of no more than 40 people per 100 thousand inhabitants, the daily increase of cases – less than 1%, and the prevalence of disease ‒ not more than one.