Even before all the hygienic disposal of used masks must be disinfected because they are a danger to people. About this in an interview with the Agency “Moscow” said associate Professor of physical chemistry of the National research technological University “MISIS”, candidate of chemical Sciences Georgy Frolov.

the Expert has listed several methods of disinfection of masks. So, disposable medical mask for five minutes to soak in a water and soap solution with hydrogen peroxide.

“an Aqueous solution is prepared using economic or antibacterial soap to work up lather. To this solution, you need to add hydrogen peroxide (3%) in the ratio of 10 to 1. After soaking the mask should be rinsed in water until the foam disappears and dried in natural conditions,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Also, all the surface of the mask can be treated with an alcohol spray with antiseptic or without him, but with full surface wetting.

“And finally, the third method – outer and inner surface treated with a special alcohol spray with nanoparticles of copper. In this case, achieving a long-lasting antiviral effect on the surface of the mask,” – said the expert.